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Travel: New York City

You might have noticed—New Yorkers are about a lot more than funky glasses, skinny black jeans, and funny hats. In addition to great music, intriguing museums, and fantastic food, the city has a lot to offer for the outdoor athlete (without leaving the city). Whether you live in the Big Apple and want something different, or are visiting for work or pleasure and need some fresh air and exercise, here are our favorite human-powered sports in the city.

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Photo Courtesy: Outside Online

Spice Up Your Life

It’s often said that “variety is the spice of life.” We agree. Spices are what make life exciting! Want to add a little kick to your meal. Bam! Chili powder. Need to disperse a pack of grizzly bears? Wham! Chilli spray! Want to make your summer memorable? Pow! Chile powder…

Get your cameras ready. School is almost in session.

Get Your Cameras Ready

Image courtesy of Outside Online.

Tips And Tricks: Rigging A Fly Rod With Conway Bowman

The most basic thing to know before you hit the water? Conway Bowman shows us how to rig your fly rod.

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How To: Build A Fire

Humans making fire—it doesn’t really get more primal than that. And thanks to the modern conventicles, it’s really never been easier (or more tempting to channel our inner Homer Simpson and go crazy with the lighter fluid). But what if you find yourself with a dead lighter or an utterly soaked pack of strike-anywhere matches while in the deep? Time to channel that inner primate. Sticking to these guidelines should help. 

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Tips And Tricks: Handling Your Catch With Chad Hoover

We all know, how, where, and what to catch. But Chad Hoover is here to tell us what to do AFTER we reel ‘em in!

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How To: Get Winter Fit

The leaves are starting to turn and if you’re like us, the fall is great and all—but the subtext of the season is that winter will soon be upon us. And while all your summer adventures might have you feeling ready to hit the slopes, chances are you’re wrong. Skiing and riding activates more targeted muscle groups than most sports, and a few dips in the ocean isn’t going to cut it. Instead try these five exercises, and keep your legs from burning after that first run.

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Good To Know: Ticks

-Ticks–one of the most feared creatures of the outdoors. A class of arachnid, ticks are prevalent across the world and are found to carry more and more diseases each year. The good news? Tick bites and tick-borne diseases are completely preventable. Measures such as covering up, wearing tick repellent clothing, treating pets every month, and simply getting into the habit of doing a quick body scan are all great actions for preventing tick bites.

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Tips And Tricks: Fishing For Wahoo With George Poveromo

People who fish offshore, want to catch a Wahoo? George Poveromo shares with us the most effective methods for getting one on your line.

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Travel: Montreal

No offense to that litigious “happiest place on earth”, but Montrèal, the largest city in Quebec, Canada, may be the ultimate family-friendly destination. There’s something for everyone—from top-tier museums to street performances to the quiet serenity of Mt. Royal Park. Plus, there’s the undeniable glamour thanks to the fact that that everyone speaks French and city architecture looks more European than North American; think of it as a lot more convenient (and cheaper) than flying everybody to Paris.

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Tips And Tricks: Effective Cornering With Dave Norona

Dave Norona shares his cornering tips to avoid crashing around the next bend.

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