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Good To Know: Hangry Animals of Honduras

For a country of just more than 43,000 square miles, Honduras has a surprising number of resident animals—as many as 225 mammals, 100 amphibians, 196 reptiles, 725 birds, and hundreds of aquatic creatures. Its rainforest-choked center is largely responsible, as well as the proximity of the world’s second-largest coral reef, accessible via Roatan and the other two smaller Bay Islands. Throughout the country you’ll find pristine diving, quad-burning rainforest hikes, copious Mezo-American ruins, chaotic urban centers—and lots and lots of dangerous animals. Here are a few to avoid.

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How To: Birthday Challenges

So, you’ve decided to have a birthday this year. Perhaps it’s time to do something epic. How about a birthday challenge? What’s a birthday challenge, you ask? At some point (and some age) all of us find birthdays challenging, but here’s a way to add some fun into growing older each year.

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Chew On This: Homemade Granola Bars

Everyone loves a good granola bar. The combination of complex carbohydrates, protein, and simple carbohydrates makes for the perfect trail snack. These days you are spoiled for choice on the variety of granola bars available on grocery store shelves, but did you know they are pretty easy to make at home? If you have the time and the passion, why not try whipping up a batch and get creative by using all your favorite foods.

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How To: Foam Roller Tips

The Foam Roller Is Your Friend

The foam roller, like traditional stretching, is a great tool for lengthening and elongating muscles, but its benefits are especially helpful for runners, cyclists, and other sports enthusiasts who suffer from tight or fatigued muscles. A foam roller massages muscles intensely, much like a treatment from a massage therapist, but without the heavy cost.

Use the following routine a few times a week to flush out normal muscle pains and aches. After intense workouts, foam rolling helps you clear out some lactic acid and facilitate recovery so you are ready to push hard on your next time out. 

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Chew On This: Beer and the Great Outdoors

Après. Sundowners. A post-ride pint. Whatever the vernacular, one central truth remains constant: a nice reward for a good day out is your favorite drink right after you’re done. And none of those beverages are perhaps better suited than a cold beer. From popping an icy can after mowing the lawn to the tasty citrusy, bitter bite of a strong IPA after a miles-long mountain bike ride, sometimes it’s just what your body yearns for—a moment when the adrenaline starts to fade, before the exhaustion sets in.

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Good To Know: Wave Riding

Body surfing might be the best free activity in the world. All you need is a swimsuit (and in some spots, even that’s optional). In Hawaiian, the word for body surfing is “umauma,” which translates to “sliding with the chest,” in contrast to “he’e nalu,” which means “to ride the waves.”

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Good To Know: Dangerous Animals of Gabon

The Central African country of Gabon ain’t Sandals-style tourism. There are no all-inclusives, and you won’t follow anyone holding a yellow umbrella to help you get from tourist spot A to B. But you will find a DIY-friendly locale unlike any other place in the world, with white-sand beaches, dense rainforests, and rushing rivers. In fact, Gabon recently transformed 10 percent of its country into a protected national park—so there are a lot of unfettered landscapes to explore. And a lot of animals. Here are a few to…not avoid, necessarily. Wildlife viewing is part of Gabon’s draw. But consider these animals the ones you should treat with a measure of respect.

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Good To Know: Mother’s Day Ideas

Still trying to figure out your Mother’s Day plans? We’ve got you covered. Skip the crowds and long lines at brunch, and celebrate mom with a fun-filled day outside. Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to show your mom she is special this weekend:

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How To: Holidays On Horseback

As Winston Churchill once said, “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” And we agree. There’s a zen-like appeal of the quiet of the trail, the rhythmic movement of the horse, and the constantly changing view. Arranging for a riding lesson or short trail ride is an excellent way to get outdoors. But better yet, plan on an overnight. A multi-day horseback trip gets you away from the crowds and deeper into the backcountry than you could ever get by walking. You’ll also develop a bond with your fellow travelers (and horse) that will bring a grin to your face for years to come.

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How To: Clean Your Bike

With the arrival of warmer weather, many of us are finally getting out on our bikes. It’s a spectacular, time-honored ritual that signals the change of seasons–and it’s also time to apply that other time-honored tradition of spring cleaning to your two-wheeled chariot. Follow these tips and your bike will be ready for the open road. And–as spring brings with it mud, water, and road grit–this guide will serve you throughout the season and well into summer as a quick way to keep your bike in top riding form.

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