Iceland has a well-deserved reputation for beautiful scenery, and tall, brave and strong men and women. In fact, Icelandic citizens have claimed four Strongest Man of the World titles (Icelandic actor, Halfpór Július Björnsson, who plays the Mountain on Game of Thrones currently holds the trophy), and four Miss World crowns. The scenery has

No trip to Iceland is complete without trying some of the local fare. While some delicacies we can fully get behind—rhubarb crumble, anyone?—some others we aren’t so sure about. So, be sure to gorge yourself on delicious seafood, lamb, and potatoes. But where’s the fun in being predictable? Instead, consider a few local foods: Cured

Palm Springs

The simple allure of Southern California presents itself as an unassailable fact the minute you step out of the Palm Springs Airport: big desert sky, steep mountain peaks, and the intoxication of the fresh desert air. Forget Disneyland or the beautiful beaches. This is where SoCal really lives. The greater-Palm Springs area (the town proper

Engaging kids in nature

By Shellie Bailey-Shah @KidTripster Rather than fighting your children about putting away their cell phones, use these six free apps to pique their interest in the great outdoors. I’m the mother of two teenaged boys. There’s rarely a day that goes by that you don’t hear me saying, “Enough with the phone!” That’s especially true when

Christopher Pollak on a mountain summit

By Christopher Pollak @chrispollak From planning combat operations, humanitarian missions, or personnel recovery, how do military skills translate to the outdoor industry? Transitioning from the military into a civilian job was not easy. Particularly, translating my experiences into a resume and convincing industry professionals that they should hire a military veteran over someone who has


Our Directors of Toughness kicked off 9 months of travel with the gear-testing trip of a lifetime. Here are their must-have gear for their trip to Manchester, UK and Iceland: Faith Briggs: Women’s Adera Brilliant Reflection™ Spacedye Hoodie: Ideal for early morning runs, the Spacedye hoodie has wicking properties and 4-way comfort-stretch fabric for maximum mobility and

Your Directors of Toughness traveled to Manchester, UK and Iceland to test out not only Columbia Sportswear’s gear, but also their endurance, strength, and mental toughness. Do they have what it takes? Find out below: Take a deeper dive into the Directors of Toughness journey through Manchester, UK and Iceland. United Kingdom: I’m coming home!