Extreme skier jumping off a cliff

Three Tips to Finding the Best Place to Ski on a Resort Nothing registers more excitement than getting to the top of a mountain and priming for your first run at a new ski resort. The entire landscape lies before you, a maze of interconnecting trails, chairlifts, gondolas, cat tracks, and the heavenly shelter of

Belay Grantees

At Columbia we’re passionate about the outdoors. Five years ago our friends at the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance asked if we could help support nonprofit organizations around the U.S. devoted to furthering outdoor education and conservation in their neighborhood. Of course, we jumped at the chance to help ensure the places we hike, run, fish, paddle,

Mark Chase Directors of Toughness Northern Lights Yukon

Like many hopefuls, I’ve spent hours in front of the computer trying to plot the best day, time or month to get a view of the illusive Northern Lights. In fact, when we were in Iceland, while the crew slept, I was sitting alone in the cold just waiting for my opportunity to capture the

Directors of Toughness Yukon

Packing for a winter trip is tricky. There’s a host of outdoor conditions to consider (snow, rain, unseasonal heat, biting cold), and then indoor fashion.  Add the fact that you’re heading to a place like Northwest Canada, a vast wild territory that shares the eastern border with Alaska and the ice-burg covered Beaufort Sea on

It felt ancient to fall asleep so close to a blazing fire. It was three in the morning and I’d been staring into the flames and slow-reading a memoir by one of my favorite professors for hours. I knew there was a long day ahead and in total I eventually got about two hours of sleep. But

Mark Chase Directors of Toughness Yukon

I’ve never really put thought into a ‘bucket list.’ The whole idea seems kind of morbid to me. But if I had a bucket list, then Iceland, Canada and seeing the Northern lights would have been on the very top of it. As our list of products to test started to grow it became clear

Give Back Yukon Territory

Nico, Keona, Mackenzie and Jared fly down a snow-covered ridge and hit a jump on “The V,” a v-shaped section of hill on biking trails just outside of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. They can usually be found biking a trail system they’ve helped build by hand as part of the Carcross Tagish trail crew at Singletrack