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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Our Newest Pioneer: “Kayak” Kevin Whitley

“Kayak” Kevin Whitley began paddling in 2001, after leaving the life of a musician. He took his childhood love for maps and the saltwater and turned it into a solo 500-mile paddle from the GA/FL border to his home of Norfolk, VA in 2003, a 200 mile training tour and in 2005, and then a 1,800 mile solo tour from Pensacola FL, to Norfolk, VA.

He paddled 15 to 20 miles a day for four months dodging everything from deadly storms to curious alligators and shark encounters.  Being a goal orientated paddler, in ’06 Kevin set his sites on the Virginia saltwater fishing tournament that acknowledges trophy catches that reach or exceed minimum length or weight. Anglers can also strive for levels of expert and master angler. Expert status is reached by landing six different trophy size fish in a year. Kevin was the first kayak angler to achieve expert status, and in ’07 the first to reach it twice.

We’re excited to welcome “Kayak” Kevin as our newest Pioneer of the Greater Outdoors.  We look forward to hearing more about his paddling adventures.