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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Good To Know: Lighten Your Feet, Lighten Your Load

The Myth:

Every pound you wear on your feet equals five pounds that you carry in your backpack.

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Travel: Minneapolis

Nearly 70% of Minnesotans take part in some form of outdoor recreation each year—impressive figures for a state that sees an average annual snowfall of 70 inches and temps as low as -60 degrees F in winter. 

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Tips And Tricks: Bait Caster Basics With Bob Izumi

Backyard practice is the best way to get used to bait casting. Pro, Bob Izumi shows us host to put these tips into motion once you’re ready to hit the water.

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How-To: Keep Your Kids Active

Exercise makes you stronger. And for kids, once it becomes part of their daily routine, will provide benefits for their entire life. The best secret?

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Tips And Tricks: Debarbing A Hook With Conway Bowman

When catch and release is the name of the game, it’s important to debarb for an easy time on the water. Conway Bowman shows us this simple tip.

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Good To Know: Coffee

Myth: It is often suggested that caffeine from food sources such as coffee, tea, or even chocolate causes dehydration and its consumption should be avoided or significantly reduced to maintain fluid balance when playing outdoors.

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Travel: Best Places To Climb Outdoors

There are literally thousands of places to learn to climb in the United States, from the alpine peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the thousands of small outcrops dotting the countryside or the rocky shores lining both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

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Travel: J-Bar at the Jerome Hotel

J-Bar at the Jerome Hotel | Aspen, CO

Judged by the legacy of its customers alone, the J-Bar ranks as one of the best après spots in the country.

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How-To: Choose Sunglasses

Gear for the outdoor world is defined by its many options—and mostly this is a great thing. But when it comes to finding the perfect pair of shades, the options can overwhelm. And we sympathize.

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Tips And Tricks: How To Find Fish With Chad Hoover

The question all anglers have asked at one point,”How do I find fish?” Chad Hoover shares his top tips for making the catch in places you’ve never floated before. Time to start paddling!

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