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If you want to join Columbia on its next epic adventure, tag your photos, videos, and tweets with #omniten. We’ll find you. Just be ready to start #TryingStuff.

The #omniten began in 2012 as a challenge. Columbia challenged itself to find ten people who love the outdoors as much as we do. We challenged ourselves to face reality by asking real people for honest product feedback. We challenged ourselves to create a dialogue with people who inspire us, people who push us, and people who live the #TryingStuff lifestyle.

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I Am #OMNITEN: The Adventure Documentary


‘I Am #OMNITEN’ is an adventure film that tells the story of ten ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Shot while on location in the Kingdom of Jordan, ‘I Am #OMNITEN’ showcases their experiences from extreme locations. We learn about their personal stories and why the outdoors have become such an important part of their lives. From ancient marvels to natural wonders, the #omniten immerse themselves in Jordanian culture and show us just what #TryingStuff really means.

See a preview below and join the cast for a special live Google+ screening on September 18th at 4:00pm PST.

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How-To: Ten Essentials For Adventure

First published in 1960 by The Mountaineers of Seattle, The Freedom of the Hills is now in its eighth edition.

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Travel: Apples Bar & Grill

Apples Bar and Grill | Sun Valley, Idaho

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Travel: Searching for Late-Season Turns

Our picks of the top spring (and summer!) ski destinations:

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Welcome To #TryingStuff: Your First Step To Adventure

On this, April Fools’ Day, let us pause to praise the time-honored pastime of tall tales that add spice to the world of adventure and the outdoors.

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