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A Tiny Day At Jackson Hole

It’s Jackson Hole, in miniature! Well, not really–it’s just tilt shift. This short day-in-the-life video of a ski area is pretty sweet. You can pretend you’re a tiny little shredder, making graceful lines in the powder. Or you can just enjoy the great camerawork and creative presentation.

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Get On The Road To Healthy Skin!

Columbia is proud to be a sponsor of the Skin Cancer Foundation’s (SCF) Road to Healthy Skin Tour. The Tour, now in its fourth year, provides free full-body skin exams by local volunteer dermatologists. We have partnered with SCF since 2008 to help educate consumers how to safely enjoy the outdoors. SCF is the only international organization devoted solely to combating the world’s most common cancer, now occurring at epidemic levels.

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Chasing Legends To Screen On Broadway

Remember when we told you about Chasing Legends, the feature-length documentary by Gripped Films featuring Team HTC-Columbia at the Tour de France? Well, it’s gotten some rave reviews since it came out, and this week it will be screened in New York City at the Symphony Space on Thursday, September 30th at 8pm.

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Unstoppable Cavendish Dominates in Paris

There was no lead-out train. No Mark Renshaw to guide the Manx Missile cleanly into the final turn as there was in 2009. No long stream of white and yellow flying into the final meters.

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Cavendish Soars to Number Four

Photo Credit: (c)Tim De Waele

Cavendish Soars to Number Four

What’s the sweetest redemption for a sprinter who has just dragged himself up and over some of the longest, steepest mountain passes in the world? A blazing stage win under sunny French skies.

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Cav Prepares to Pounce

Credit (c)Tim De Waele

After four days in the mountains, HTC-Columbia got some much-deserved R & R today as the Tour enjoyed its second rest day. With just a handful of flat stages, the route for this year’s Tour didn’t favor sprinters, but the Manx Missile and his stellar support squad have done a bang-up job of making the most of their opportunities, racking up three stage victories to date.

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Pioneer Update: The Ozark Sitters

The Ozark Sitters are not exactly a feisty bunch. They prefer to get their dose of the Greater Outdoors in a quiet, contemplative manner. And we’re OK with that. Here’s an update about what they’ve been up to lately:

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Pioneer Report: Kayak Kevin

Our Pioneers are an unusual breed. Their passion, however, is something that anyone can get behind. They are committed to following their love of the Greater Outdoors wherever it may take them.

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Our Latest Pioneer Winner: Steve Tanner

One Day A Week=Adventure

Steve Tanner has a lot in common with most of us. He’s busy, has a job and a family, and doesn’t get outside as much as he’d like. Or, he used to not get out as much as he’d like, until he made a simple commitment, seven years ago: One day a week.

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Our Newest Pioneer: “Kayak” Kevin Whitley

“Kayak” Kevin Whitley began paddling in 2001, after leaving the life of a musician. He took his childhood love for maps and the saltwater and turned it into a solo 500-mile paddle from the GA/FL border to his home of Norfolk, VA in 2003, a 200 mile training tour and in 2005, and then a 1,800 mile solo tour from Pensacola FL, to Norfolk, VA.

He paddled 15 to 20 miles a day for four months dodging everything from deadly storms to curious alligators and shark encounters.  Being a goal orientated paddler, in ’06 Kevin set his sites on the Virginia saltwater fishing tournament that acknowledges trophy catches that reach or exceed minimum length or weight. Anglers can also strive for levels of expert and master angler. Expert status is reached by landing six different trophy size fish in a year. Kevin was the first kayak angler to achieve expert status, and in ’07 the first to reach it twice.

We’re excited to welcome “Kayak” Kevin as our newest Pioneer of the Greater Outdoors.  We look forward to hearing more about his paddling adventures.