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How To: Tips To Backcountry Culinary Perfection

Blame it on the Boy Scouts or the sad and unfortunate affection for quick Cup o’ Soup-like things that pass for meals, but most people think that dining in the backcountry means eating some bland just-add-water package. The kind of food that not even a heart dose of hot sauce can hide.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow a few of these trail-tested tips and you can have a bona fide culinary experience while camping.

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Tips And Tricks: Tying Line To Leader With Chad Hoover

The ‘line to leader’ is one of Chad Hoover’s most important connections.

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How To: SUP With Dogs

Stand-up paddleboarding has swept the country, from high-alpine lakes to the Pacific coast to the river that runs through the nation’s capital. And it’s a trend we support. But we also get behind the joys of hitting the water with your SUP (as they’re known) and your four-legged best friend. Paddleboards just seem ideally built for one person and a dog. Even if Fido doesn’t like to swim, he still might enjoy the paddleboard experience.

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Tips And Tricks: Releasing Game Fish With George Poveromo

Just because a game fish is destined to be caught and then set free, there’s no substitute for great care in handling the fish prior to it begin released.

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Travel: Aspen

Unlike some Colorado resort towns that feel as if the city itself exists as an afterthought to the resorts that surround it (we’re looking at you, Vail), Aspen feels wholly endemic to the Rocky Mountain State.

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People: 5 Funniest Outdoor Bloopers

Whether a novice or seasoned veteran, we have all experienced an epic outdoor fail at some point in our lives. After all, that’s what trying stuff is all about.

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Tips And Tricks: Overcoming Obstacles With Dave Norona

Dave Norona demonstrates how you should properly approach roots and rocks when mountain biking.

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How To: Open Water Swimming Tips

Nothing typifies relief from the dog days of summer more than splashing into a fresh-water lake, stream, or river.

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Travel: Unexplored Ireland

Far beyond the shamrock clichés, bustling urban centers, and rolling green hills that typify the Ireland of everyone’s mind, resides one of the country’s best-kept secrets. County Donegal, a remote region of Ireland in the northwest, is both sparsely populated and spectacularly beautiful.

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How To: Fish School

Fly fishing. The very mention of the sport conjures up visions of standing in a flowing river with a fly rod, line gently arcing in the air as tempts your fish to rise.

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