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Casting on the Deschutes

Dan is back at it again, this time with a line or two on the Deschutes (D) river.

“The Salmon fly hatch is certainly in the final chapter on the “D”, as we suspected. We did see Mr. Salmon D. Fly cruising to and fro, but it was not the food of choice for our red-sided friends on the surface.

In the morning hours, and most of the day, Caddis would be the stars of the river with some PMD’s making their cameo appearances as the occasional tail end of Salmon flies dropped eggs.

Fishing overall was non-existent on the surface and was slow in the basement, although we did manage to pick up a few fish on the bottom. Nymphing stones with a trailer, double cheeseburgers and caddis pupa seemed to be working for us.

As we finished our drift around 5PM, I spoke with a few guides coming in and they had the same reports to share with me, so it certainly eased the pain for having a slow day –  I would suspect the fishing would pick up for our fellow evening trout bums.

On the eve of D day, I had this dream where I saw thousands of overweight red-sides wearing happy pants, reclining in their EZ chairs, belching while watching the final episode of ”Get Lost Fisherman”. Maybe it was a sign…maybe it was the Jack Daniels?”

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