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Three Tips to Finding the Best Place to Ski on a Resort Nothing registers more excitement than getting to the top of a mountain and priming for your first run at a new ski resort. The entire landscape lies before you, a maze of interconnecting trails, chairlifts, gondolas, cat tracks, and the heavenly shelter of

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Packing for a winter trip is tricky. There’s a host of outdoor conditions to consider (snow, rain, unseasonal heat, biting cold), and then indoor fashion.  Add the fact that you’re heading to a place like Northwest Canada, a vast wild territory that shares the eastern border with Alaska and the ice-burg covered Beaufort Sea on

Fat Biking

  While we already explained common trail etiquette for enjoying the trails during the warmer months, winter comes with its own set of rules. Whether you are a skier, fat biker, snowshoer, snowmobiler, or out hiking with your dogs, here are some good rules to follow so you don’t enrage your fellow winter snow sports

Olympic National Park is home to five microclimates that exist on the Olympic Peninsula. One of these is the Hoh Rain Forest, which receives an average of 140 to 170 inches in rain a year. That makes for some beautiful, vibrantly green old-growth flora.

  Start your New Year off right—with volunteering and working in the outdoors. Playing in the outdoors is one thing, but have you ever considered a job where you live and work in the backcountry? Many of us are fortunate enough to spend our hard-won vacations outside—whether it is hiking, biking, climbing, skiing or snorkeling.

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A 2014 study with the so-not-exciting title “Role of Helmets in Mitigation of Head Injuries” looked at 17 seasons of ski helmet usage data (from 1995 through 2012) and concluded that, as helmet usage increased, serious head injuries dropped from 4.2 percent down to three percent. But hopefully you don’t need evidence to prove that


  Beat the summer crowds—learn the joys of snow camping Imagine sleeping in the middle of a snow globe. That’s just what snow camping can be like. There’s absolutely nothing like camping in the snow. It’s quiet and calm like no other experience you’ll ever have. The shadows, sunsets, sunrises and sheer beauty of the

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If you didn’t know that Utah is blessed with an embarrassment of riches for skiing and snowboarding before Park City Mountain Resort merged with the Canyons, making it the biggest ski spot in North America… well, you know now. But, you may not realize that the other five resorts around Salt Lake and Park City