Iceland has a well-deserved reputation for beautiful scenery, and tall, brave and strong men and women. In fact, Icelandic citizens have claimed four Strongest Man of the World titles (Icelandic actor, Halfpór Július Björnsson, who plays the Mountain on Game of Thrones currently holds the trophy), and four Miss World crowns. The scenery has

No trip to Iceland is complete without trying some of the local fare. While some delicacies we can fully get behind—rhubarb crumble, anyone?—some others we aren’t so sure about. So, be sure to gorge yourself on delicious seafood, lamb, and potatoes. But where’s the fun in being predictable? Instead, consider a few local foods: Cured

Engaging kids in nature

By Shellie Bailey-Shah @KidTripster Rather than fighting your children about putting away their cell phones, use these six free apps to pique their interest in the great outdoors. I’m the mother of two teenaged boys. There’s rarely a day that goes by that you don’t hear me saying, “Enough with the phone!” That’s especially true when

Christopher Pollak on a mountain summit

By Christopher Pollak @chrispollak From planning combat operations, humanitarian missions, or personnel recovery, how do military skills translate to the outdoor industry? Transitioning from the military into a civilian job was not easy. Particularly, translating my experiences into a resume and convincing industry professionals that they should hire a military veteran over someone who has

Exercise is great both for kids and adults. But it’s hard to muster much enthusiasm to get outdoors on cold, dark winter mornings. The answer? Take up a snow sport, whether it is alpine skiing (downhill), snowboarding, cross-country (Nordic or Skate), or even snowshoeing. Sure, there’s some commitment involved with learning and gearing up, but

Zombies were a plague upon humanity long before AMCs The Walking Dead staggered into their Sunday night time slot. And, to be honest, we gravitate toward the more tongue-in-cheek (or should we say tongue-in-brain) splatter-punk dark humor that was part of the genres DNA (Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead) long before the cable networks

70 Island in Palau

The Blue Hole in Belize, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the marine park surrounding the entire island nation of Bonaire-the scuba diving enthusiast doesn’t suffer from a lack of options. In fact, some of the globe’s most compelling sites can easily get lost in the embarrassing riches that characterize the sport, which is perhaps why Palau