Christopher Pollak on a mountain summit

By Christopher Pollak @chrispollak From planning combat operations, humanitarian missions, or personnel recovery, how do military skills translate to the outdoor industry? Transitioning from the military into a civilian job was not easy. Particularly, translating my experiences into a resume and convincing industry professionals that they should hire a military veteran over someone who has

By Tara Howse @activewomencanada It’s time to step away from the treadmill and get outside! You know exercise is beneficial for you: I don’t need to list all the benefits to you! Get up and move around more, right? I get it though, you’re busy. You’re entire household is coming down with a cold (and,

Palisade Head

By Luke Marshall Johnson @LMJ There’s more to the rock than meets the eye. For those unfamiliar with Palisade Head, it’s a gigantic dome-shaped outcrop of rock jutting into Lake Superior, the remnant of ancient lava flows and subsequent millennia of glacial smoothing. The result is a landmark that rises up from the surrounding landscape,

Catto Lake

By Damon Ayon @damon.ayon So you’re fishing Caddo Lake for the first time? Better start planning your second trip now, and I’m going to tell you why. I’ve never met a fisherman who didn’t like a little info on a new body of water, so here you go: Caddo Lake is located on the Texas/Louisiana

By Melinda Crow @melindacrow Scuba diving from shore may seem as simple as gearing up and walking in, but extra planning keeps the little things from tripping you up. Freedom is the number one reason to try shore diving. There’s no dive guide ushering you along or hurrying you back to the boat. With shore

mt shuksan at artist point mlarsen

By Mike Larsen @leave.a.trail Big adventures for little feet, discover 360° views of Washington easily attainable for your smallest hikers. Standing at three feet six inches tall, with kid size eleven shoes, is hardly a prerequisite to scale mountains. But here is a secret, you do not need intense training or possess technical gear like

Yosemite Half Dome

By Katie Mansfield @katiecmansfield So you have a day or two in Yosemite and you can’t get a permit for Half Dome, do this instead! For the fresh-air worshipping adventurer, Yosemite National Park is heaven. And for those who venture through the piney gates, Half Dome is the pinnacle of this heaven, the hike is