Our Directors of Toughness kicked off 9 months of travel with the gear-testing trip of a lifetime. Here are their must-have gear for their trip to Manchester, UK and Iceland: Faith Briggs: Women’s Adera Brilliant Reflection™ Spacedye Hoodie: Ideal for early morning runs, the Spacedye hoodie has wicking properties and 4-way comfort-stretch fabric for maximum mobility and

Exercise is great both for kids and adults. But it’s hard to muster much enthusiasm to get outdoors on cold, dark winter mornings. The answer? Take up a snow sport, whether it is alpine skiing (downhill), snowboarding, cross-country (Nordic or Skate), or even snowshoeing. Sure, there’s some commitment involved with learning and gearing up, but

Zombies were a plague upon humanity long before AMCs The Walking Dead staggered into their Sunday night time slot. And, to be honest, we gravitate toward the more tongue-in-cheek (or should we say tongue-in-brain) splatter-punk dark humor that was part of the genres DNA (Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead) long before the cable networks

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Gert Boyle’s directive to “Make It Better” applies not just to the products we sell, but to every aspect of our business. For the Corporate Responsibility team, this means focusing on what it takes to run our business responsibly, whether that is being good stewards of the environment or having a positive impact on the

Keeping it local! A year and a half ago, the picturesque parks, trails, boat ramps and campgrounds surrounding Grapevine Lake in Texas were literally under water. Severe flooding made this popular recreation area inaccessible to the community it served. Recovery was happening slowly, so Columbia decided their local Southlake store could lend them a hand.

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  Like the guitar riff to Purple Haze, or the sound of rolling thunder after lightning hits, a Little Black Dress commands attention. You’re headed out for a week in the backcountry or a long day hike—chances are you’ll celebrate your accomplishment with a good meal and cold drink. Are you going to wear your sweaty

Beautiful winter landscape Snow on the top of Alps Mountains

“Cold Man Winter did seem to be on vacation last year thanks to a very strong El Niño, but this year he’s back . . .” – Editor Peter Geiger, Philom. A couple of weeks ago, Farmers’ Almanac released their 2017 anniversary edition with its usual eclectic mix of weather, astronomy, humor, and everyday life