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Good To Know: The Yeti

First things first. The Yeti is not Big Foot, nor is it Sasquatch. The term Yeti refers to the elusive animal that’s said to inhabit the cold-weather regions of Tibet and Nepal. Big Foot and the Sasquatch are more commonly “found” in forested areas, particularly those of the Pacific Northwest. But the confusion is understandable. Both creatures look similar: a large, almost ape-like humanoid with slightly hunched shoulders and lots of body hair. But only the Yeti is said to be found in places typically covered by ice, snow, and frost.

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Good To Know: Ski Lingo

Congrats! You’ve graduated from rental skis into the brave new world of ski ownership. But this is a daunting universe…finding the right alpine ski can be as confusing as calculus. They come in all shapes and sizes, with different side cuts, waist widths, tail design, camber, and flex patterns. Even we get overwhelmed–so we spoke with Pete Wagner, the genius behind Wagner Custom Skis. He’s a wizard at matching ski design with a person’s ability and goals, and he’s been kind enough to share a few tips to help you find the perfect pair.

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Good To Know: Frostbite

We all love to play outdoors in the winter but as the temps grow colder, it’s vital to take care of your skin–most particularly on your extremities. Any exposed skin in cold, windy weather is vulnerable to frostbite, but frostbite can also occur on skin covered by gloves or other clothing if you remain outside in the cold too long.

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Good To Know: Will Your Tongue REALLY Stick to a Frozen Pole?

Blame it on A Christmas Story (one of the best holiday movies ever), but there’s a human propensity to take risks, whether it be out of a compulsion to just keep trying stuff, or as a consequence of a double-dog dare. Whatever the motivation, you might feel tempted this season to see what really happens when you touch your tongue to a frozen flag pole—or a ski lift safety bar…


This time your mother—and that famed holiday movie—were both right.

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Good To Know: Wine And Exercise

Good news for those of us who like wine and exercise regularly. New research suggests that including a glass or two of wine in our diets may be beneficial for heart health.  Though, there’s a catch–you can’t skip the exercise part.

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Good To Know: Apples

The Apple has long been associated with temptation. Were Adam and Eve wise to throw everything away just for a bite?

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Good To Know: This Winter Will Be COLD!

Truth be told, we love the Farmer’s Almanac in part because it knows how to turn a phrase — but given their forecast for winter this year, our affection is downright emphatic. “More Shivery and Shovelry” proclaims the lead headline, with other geo-specific morsels like “stinging snowfall” and “wintery white and wet.”

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Good To Know: Creatures of Cambodia

When it comes to animals, Cambodia ranks as an odd place—visit this country and you can actually go to a gun range and shoot a bazooka at a cow. An…odd experience, to be certain. But we think they might be aiming at the wrong creatures, given the very real dangers that some of the country’s other native animals present. Here are a few of the more dastardly.

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Good To Know: Ticks

-Ticks–one of the most feared creatures of the outdoors. A class of arachnid, ticks are prevalent across the world and are found to carry more and more diseases each year. The good news? Tick bites and tick-borne diseases are completely preventable. Measures such as covering up, wearing tick repellent clothing, treating pets every month, and simply getting into the habit of doing a quick body scan are all great actions for preventing tick bites.

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Good To Know: Beasts of Belize

Ah, Belize — one of the easiest places to travel in Central America. It’s got everything you come expect of the region: Mayan ruins, an immense barrier reef, dense jungles rife with wildlife, and bustling metropolises — and the official language is English. But…there also lurk a few deadly threats that you should familiarize yourself with before you put boots on the ground.

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