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Category: Good To Know

Good To Know: Apples

The Apple has long been associated with temptation. Were Adam and Eve wise to throw everything away just for a bite?

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Good To Know: This Winter Will Be COLD!

Truth be told, we love the Farmer’s Almanac in part because it knows how to turn a phrase — but given their forecast for winter this year, our affection is downright emphatic. “More Shivery and Shovelry” proclaims the lead headline, with other geo-specific morsels like “stinging snowfall” and “wintery white and wet.”

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Good To Know: Creatures of Cambodia

When it comes to animals, Cambodia ranks as an odd place—visit this country and you can actually go to a gun range and shoot a bazooka at a cow. An…odd experience, to be certain. But we think they might be aiming at the wrong creatures, given the very real dangers that some of the country’s other native animals present. Here are a few of the more dastardly.

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Good To Know: Ticks

-Ticks–one of the most feared creatures of the outdoors. A class of arachnid, ticks are prevalent across the world and are found to carry more and more diseases each year. The good news? Tick bites and tick-borne diseases are completely preventable. Measures such as covering up, wearing tick repellent clothing, treating pets every month, and simply getting into the habit of doing a quick body scan are all great actions for preventing tick bites.

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Good To Know: Beasts of Belize

Ah, Belize — one of the easiest places to travel in Central America. It’s got everything you come expect of the region: Mayan ruins, an immense barrier reef, dense jungles rife with wildlife, and bustling metropolises — and the official language is English. But…there also lurk a few deadly threats that you should familiarize yourself with before you put boots on the ground.

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Good To Know: Sunscreen

Myth: The Higher the SPF rating in a sunscreen, the better.

Truth: Your confusion is understandable. In the last decade, it wasn’t uncommon to see sunscreens that boasted SPF ratings as high as 70+, often with little actual instruction in terms of how often one should apply coverage. Thankfully, the Food and Drug Administration recently stepped in and has clarified things considerably.

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Good To Know: Climbing

As the dog days of summer start to wane, the great pilgrimage begins as climbers venture out of the gyms and man-made climbing walls and head back outside toward natural rock. It’s a worthy crowd to join–the approach routes to even the biggest peaks are typically navigable by anyone with a pair of hiking shoes and a bit of perseverance. As you look to step in line, here’s a few climbing tips, corralled from our team of experts, that’ll help you, whether it’s your first or you 15th year on the cliff.

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Good To Know: 5 Aussie Animals That Can Kill You

As illustrated by Bill Bryson, Australia is a dangerous place. In his national best seller In a Sunburned Country, the famed memoirist spends the first several pages of the book listing all the different ways that the country and its natural inhabitants can kill you. And we’re not talking about some sort of crazed serial killer in the Outback (as exploited in the recent Wolf Creek horror movies franchise). We’re talking about things that occur…in nature…that can kill you with little effort.

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Good To Know: Duct Tape

Duct tape—the miracle adhesive tape that can be used to fix almost anything. And its origins speak to its enduring, hardcore character: during World War II, the Revolite division of Johnson & Johnson developed a new adhesive tape for the US military, intended to seal ammunition cases against moisture.

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Good To Know: Does Cotton Really Kill?

Myth: Cotton kills.

Fact: The short answer? No. Unless you’re in some B-movie where a cursed concert t-shirt ends up strangling you in your sleep, cotton will not kill you.

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