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How To: Stretches For Hikers

As soon as you arrive at camp or back at the trailhead, it’s all too easy to just throw down your pack and have a seat. Your muscles have been working hard all day–and that’s precisely why you should do a few stretches before you cool down. It’ll keep your body running smoothly and ensure you are ready to hit the trail again tomorrow.

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How To: Remove A Fishing Hook

Unless you condone fishing with dynamite (you shouldn’t condone fishing with dynamite) or use a net, hooks are pretty much unavoidable when fishing. And while the act of getting a hook stuck in your body should be a rare thing—you’re best off accepting that it will happen (especially as you start to learn the sport). So before that inevitable event occurs, it’s best to educate yourself on the right way to remove a hook from your skin.

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How To: Store Your Ski Gear For Winter

Ski season may be over for most of the country, but don’t cry. It will be back again next winter. In the meantime, you need to properly care for and store your ski equipment over the summer to ensure it lasts for many seasons to come.

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How To: High Points

There’s a famous quote attributed to George Leigh Mallory after his first attempt on Mt. Everest.

“Why do you climb,” was the question?

“Because it’s there,” is the now famous response.

For most of us, the desire to reach the top of geographically significant formations is easy to explain. The ascent is always memorable (you only need to look up to remember your adventure), and, while some of us repeat our favorite ascents over and over again, there’s also the philosophy that once you tick one off your list, you can move on to the next challenge. But whether you constantly look for the next peak to conquer or make an annual ritual out of your local favorite mountain, nothing equals the sensation of standing on a summit, surveying the world below. There’s the wind in your hair and a real-life map at your feet.

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How To: Run Your First Ultra

One of Columbia’s Omniten, Heidi Kumm inspires us all to get out of the bed in the morning. From her home in Colorado, she trains like a demon and regularly runs ultra trail races. We recently caught up with her to find out how she got into the sport and to get some advice for those of you looking to run your first ultra. 

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How To: Hide From Fish

Camouflage works for hunters for why not fisherman? New for spring, Solar Camo™, or sun-activated camouflage, will help anglers blend into their surroundings in order to catch more fish. We caught up with Columbia’s Director of Global Innovation, Jeff Mergy, to find out more about this new technology.

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How To: Ice Fishing

Photo: Megan Porter

There’s something absolutely zen about ice fishing. Maybe it’s the sitting in the middle of a frozen river or lake, staring into a tortilla-sized hole in the ice, snuggled warm in layers of down, and hugging a thermos of hot cocoa. There’s the occasional flock of Canada geese filling the sky or the curious moose venturing out to see what all the excitement is about. Sure, it’s cold and somewhat remote–but dress right (read: very warmly) and it’s as if you’ve created your own secret version of winter.

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How To: Ski Tuning 101

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on new alpine skis. Good first step. But now you’ve got to preserve that investment by committing to a set tuning strategy. It’ll help your ski perform better (which is always good), and will let the ski last longer (which is always great). Here are the basics.

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How To: Save Money on Winter Rentals

Unless you live in a resort town, define yourself as a serial skier and get in 30 days a season, or just have a limitless budget for outdoor gear, chances are you rent your ski gear. And you also probably know that this is just another, unavoidable expense in the already-costly love of skiing and snowboarding.

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How To: Ski For Cheap

Don’t wait until the last minute this winter if you want major savings on lift tickets. Similar to the airlines, resorts vary their prices according to the time of year, days of the week, and how far you book in advance. But there are a few other tricks seasoned skiers and snowboarders know…and are willing to share.

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