Apres Ski

Nothing elevates a day of skiing or snowboarding better, faster, or more completely than an après beverage enjoyed outside while the winter sun beams down and warms your skin. It’s a scene as quintessential to the experience as snow, a communal activity where everyone involved is sharing the same not-so-secret truth: snow-covered mountains reign supreme.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Baby, it’s cold outside—but the water’s great! Hot springs attract us in so many ways. First off, they are warm and make us feel good. Consider them shelter from the storm of life. Hot water, combined with natural minerals, has long been heralded for health and therapeutic benefits. Second, they are generally not too expensive.

Wastach Mountain View from High Above

If you didn’t know that Utah is blessed with an embarrassment of riches for skiing and snowboarding before Park City Mountain Resort merged with the Canyons, making it the biggest ski spot in North America… well, you know now. But, you may not realize that the other five resorts around Salt Lake and Park City


  Iceland has a well-deserved reputation for beautiful scenery, and tall, brave and strong men and women. In fact, Icelandic citizens have claimed four Strongest Man of the World titles (Icelandic actor, Halfpór Július Björnsson, who plays the Mountain on Game of Thrones currently holds the trophy), and four Miss World crowns. The scenery has

Palm Springs

The simple allure of Southern California presents itself as an unassailable fact the minute you step out of the Palm Springs Airport: big desert sky, steep mountain peaks, and the intoxication of the fresh desert air. Forget Disneyland or the beautiful beaches. This is where SoCal really lives. The greater-Palm Springs area (the town proper

Sunrise at Quiraing Isle of Skye Scotland

We’re not sure where videos rank in terms of the cliche: “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” But we do think that watching Danny Macaskill’s video “The Ridge” perhaps best describes why Scotland has become one of the best-kept secrets in the mountain biking world. Witness: Granted, only a few mortals in this world could

Palisade Head

By Luke Marshall Johnson @LMJ There’s more to the rock than meets the eye. For those unfamiliar with Palisade Head, it’s a gigantic dome-shaped outcrop of rock jutting into Lake Superior, the remnant of ancient lava flows and subsequent millennia of glacial smoothing. The result is a landmark that rises up from the surrounding landscape,