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Travel: Ireland’s Best Kept Travel Secrets

Ireland—the land of Guinness, shamrocks, and leprechauns. And, just beyond the easy brochure images, some of the best hiking, surfing, mountain biking, and climbing in the world.

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Travel: Minneapolis

Nearly 70% of Minnesotans take part in some form of outdoor recreation each year—impressive figures for a state that sees an average annual snowfall of 70 inches and temps as low as -60 degrees F in winter. 

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Travel: Best Places To Climb Outdoors

There are literally thousands of places to learn to climb in the United States, from the alpine peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the thousands of small outcrops dotting the countryside or the rocky shores lining both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

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Travel: J-Bar at the Jerome Hotel

J-Bar at the Jerome Hotel | Aspen, CO

Judged by the legacy of its customers alone, the J-Bar ranks as one of the best après spots in the country.

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Travel: Washington D. C.

Every summer, the nation’s capital is flooded with families, school groups, and foreigners anxious to be bear witness to the city’s vast cultural attractions.

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Travel: Captain’s Private Desert Camp, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Of all the ways to get to know Jordan, staying in a Bedouin-style tent in the middle of the vast Wadi Rum Desert is one of the best.

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Travel: Mountain Towns

For those of us fueled by that almost-unquenchable love of the great outdoors but who paradoxically spend most of our lives locked in the city or the suburbs, mountain towns become more than just vacation destinations.

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Travel: Feynan Ecolodge, Jordan

Immerse yourself in Bedouin culture. Where you choose to stay while traveling largely dictates your personal relationship with that country.

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Travel: The Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea | Jordan

The Dead Sea sits on the central-western border of Jordan, more than 1,250 feet below sea level.

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Travel: Inn of the Lost Coast

Inn of the Lost Coast | Shelter Cove, California

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