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GPS PAL™ – Our New Outdoor Adventure Journaling App

Introducing GPS Pal, the free iPhone™ and Android™ app that lets you quickly and easily capture and preserve your memories, thoughts, and experiences while you explore the outdoors.

The app syncs photos, videos, and trail information to a web journal automatically, so that it can be saved, shared, and organized. GPS PAL also tracks trip data such as elevation changes, current speed, and distance traveled.  When you look back on your journal entries, you’ll be reminded of your outdoor experiences, and you’ll be able to share them with others. GPS PAL does more than capture data; it helps people create an outdoor story.

How to use GPS PAL:

Capture and explore
Open GPS PAL and head out on an adventure. Track your route, stats, and progress and save them to your journal. Quickly and easily capture memories with photos, videos, and text notes that will be GPS tagged at the location you create them.

Sync from your portable device
Syncing with your device and the accompanying GPS PAL website is automatic once you create a free account. Trip data and journal entries are saved in your personal account and accessible at any time via the Internet.

Add details, organize, reflect, and share
Use the GPS PAL website to make your journal entries more organized and robust. Look back over them to recall and treasure the outdoor memories you created. Share your journal entries with family and friends through email, Twitter and Facebook.

Visit the GPS PAL website, or learn more on our mobile app page.

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