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July Newsletter – The Sunscreen Issue: Could you do my back?

Our July newsletter features awkward instances of sun lotion application. You know what we’re talking about. Spreading sunscreen on other people’s sweaty skin. Skin often covered with a thick coat of shag. Skin south or north of the universally accepted friend line. We’ve all been there. We’ve all applied lotion to another’s back, eyes closed and wishing we could escape, only to open our eyes to, “You missed a spot.” Most of us have been on the receiving end too. Some of you may even possess the kind of skin anybody would love to moisturize. That makes asking for help all the creepier.

We want to hear your stories of lotion embarrassment. We want them all, the givers and the takers. Those who rubbed, and those who were rubbed on. The gross stories, the funny stories, the awkward stories. We’ll take them all.

Post your stories in the comments of this blog post over the next two weeks. After the deadline we’ll pick our favorite story. The chosen tale wins a $100 Columbia Sportswear gift card for the author (see Contest Rules).

Please keep things PC, PG and under 300 words. We want funny, brief and something we could read to our fun-loving, quirky grandparents.

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