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Metolius River Fishing Report – May, 2012

Our man Dan takes two trips to the Metolius in search of tight lines and the perfect start to the season. Here’s Dan with the report:


Bottom Line – Fishing was really slow, slow, slow.

Although the weather was absolutely brilliant, I did not start seeing any bugs until 11am. They were a mixed bags with some caddis, march browns (very few), BWO’s, and of course, PMD’s. They all ranged from #14 to #20 but only 2 risers were seen in the 2 ½ days I was there. I lost about 20 flies dredging for Bull’s with NO bumps. As the sun would climb overhead I would see about ½ a dozen big Bull’s at the “Dolly Hole”, but I think I had Bull fever, and what I thought were Bulls were probably submerged weeds swaying back and forth in the current.

The old Mo was certainly holding up to its reputation by reminding me of my own inability to fish. I would spend about 95% of my trip being humbled by this water only to be entertained by a few “white fish” here and there. However, I did manage to scrape a couple little rainbows which made my entire weekend. I caught one girl on a #20 tan serendipity.


As most of you were probably doing the yard work/Mothers day thing, a coworker and I were doing some yard work of our own,  working on a “Quality Control irrigation Project”. AKA “see how the river is doing”.

The Hatch

With the warmer temperatures, we experienced quite a few bugs coming off as usual on the Metolius river. Your typical caddis, BWO’s, and PMD’s seem to be a standard on this river system. There were also some big orange bodied caddis that looked at lot like October caddis, but just a hair smaller. Although we did see a few rises here and there, “The Show” actually started from 12pm – 2pm. Which started on Saturday for a sound check, but kicked into gear on Sunday. I am talking about “The Flying Ant”…… if you had this fly, you would be guaranteed a front row seat with all the swag and perks that follow. And of course having the risers all to yourself for the next hour and a ½…….Well, we did not have any flying ant’s in our fly box and must have had 3 dozen fish a piece taking us at the rim only to be rejected.

The Catch
Between the two of us, we must have landed a dozed fish over the weekend. Among them were White fish, Red-sides, and of course “Bull Trout”. These fish were taken on PT’s from #20 to #16, serendipity in tan of the same sizes, #1 olive bunny leach, and golden stone nymphs

Although we were not able to record all of our activity, there were a few pics we managed to rustle up.

Look for more of Dan’s great fishing reports throughout the season. Until then, we wish you great fishing.

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