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Our Resident Fisherman Reports from the Metolius

Dan, our go-to-guy for everything fly fishing, takes a June trip to the Metolius River, and ends up with quite a handful.

“While most people are heading to the Big D, I had to remind myself of that fact and head to a place I call heaven……The Metolius River.

BWO’s, PMD’s and Caddis were the show on the river. Although there was a steady hatch of PMD’s, most the fish I saw taking the surface were on BWO’s in sizes 16 and 18. Peacock stones did the trick as well for “Bully’s”, but streamers have been more productive. Have your drake nymphs working on the drop end of your golden stone nymph. Spot and stalk.

I was pitching my 8 weight with a 200 grain line and the next thing I knew I was hung up….hung up on a log with a fly I just spent 2 hours tying (or so it seemed). I lifted my rod trying to manipulate my line in hopes of breaking the fly free, all while the fast current was pulling my line and digging my fly deeper into the log. All of a sudden the “log” I was hooked into started moving up river like it was a tug boat. It was a slow and steady mover, unlike the infamous line-ripping, up river takes we’ve all experienced.

I swear this fish would go at least 20lbs if it wasn’t 100, certainly the biggest fish I had ever had in this river. However, my biggest fear would soon be realized. This monster could not be tamed with 4X tippet and a current running at 5Million CFS.

Yes….it was the one that got away.”

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