View over Alpstein and Rhine Valley

Running for Thomas Notz creates a deep satisfaction for him. Thomas Notz is the marketing manager in Switzerland and Austria for Columbia. He trains in the mountains near Zurich—but his favorite runs are on the Üetliberg, with its panoramic views of the mighty Alps and beautiful Lake Zurich. This year he’s competing in the UTMB®

Eric Brummel

We asked our Instagram audience to show us their best night photos. Whether you’re inspired by the stars, moon, your campfire or crew, we want to see the world through your eyes. For those who don’t know about our Instagram challenges, first we must say, shame on you. We are only joking, mildly (as we glare

Woman walking across bridge in rainforest

When it comes to witnessing nature at its most lush, nothing is quite as iconic as a tropical rainforest—and arguably just and daunting. There’s the weather—the rain, of course…but also the humidity and unbearable heat. There’s the dangerous wildlife (snakes, bugs, and bigger threats like crocs, bear, or jaguars) and the equally intimidating flora, both

backcountry happy hour

Bring the local bar with you when camping. While most everyone enjoys a cold drink after a long day on the trail or playing outside, you can’t necessarily pull into your favorite local bar when camping. While cold beer is always refreshing, on longer or backcountry trips it’s less feasible. But thanks to a hearty plethora

Kyoto Japan

Ruy Ueda has an aggressive running style; he loves rocky, technical trails, so the CCC portion of the UTMB® is perfect for him. Fortunately he’s fast—something that came in handy when he was chased by a dog in one of his earlier trail races. This is not his first time racing the UTMB® and he’s

ttindependence submission

“I hope everyone who sees this photo knows that you don’t need a holiday to explore the outdoors, and is inspired to get a little dirt under their fingernails – rain or shine!” Photo: @kklonsky Skull Hollow Campground, Oregon We’re proud of our roots here in the Pacific Northwest, so we celebrated our Independence all weekend long with the