Outdoor Movie Night

Here are 5 amazing outdoor flicks for when going outside is not an option…as heartbreaking as that may sound. Cautionary tales, documentaries that leave you in head-shaking awe, riveting suspense that melds the thrills of the natural world with the campy b-movie glory. These five films offer solid outdoor respite when it’s too hot or wet or

Instagram Challenge #TTWaterfall

Tested Tough in the Pacific Northwest, where there is a waterfall around every corner. When we asked our social media followers to participate in Columbia’s first ever Instagram challenge, we decided to focus on something we hold dear in the Pacific Northwest. Yep, you guessed it: Waterfalls. We love our waterfalls almost as much as we love hiking out

Green mountains

Urtzi Iglesias looks to add UTMB® to his vast array of accomplishments as a runner. Urtzi Iglesias is an experienced adventure racer. He’s the navigator for the Vidaraid Adventure team and three-time Spanish Mountain Bike Orienteering Champion—so we know he won’t get lost on the 300 km course, even through there’s more than 28,000 meters

Sunrise over the Wadi Musa Mountains

Shocking new discovery at the Petra World Heritage site. Earlier this month, a new monumental structure was discovered buried under the sands at the Petra World Heritage site in southern Jordan. Archaeologists used satellite images, drone photography and ground surveys to locate the large platform that had been hiding in plain sight. Petra may represent

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group of hikers respecting outdoor etiquette

Respect those around you and adhere to proper outdoor etiquette. If music is so vital to your love of the outdoors then put on a pair of headphones. You know that moment when you’re hiking and the world just clicks. A slight breeze hits the glimmer of sweat on your brow and cools you off.

Misty mountains

Raymond Ching looks to push himself to the limits during his first ever UTMB® this August. Raymond Ching lives in Hong Kong and he loves to run. He’s competing in the grueling 100K portion of the UTMB® and is sponsored by Columbia. Raymond has only been long-distance trail running for a half-dozen years, but he’s