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Tips And Tricks: Fishing For Wahoo With George Poveromo

People who fish offshore, want to catch a Wahoo? George Poveromo shares with us the most effective methods for getting one on your line.

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Travel: Montreal

No offense to that litigious “happiest place on earth”, but Montrèal, the largest city in Quebec, Canada, may be the ultimate family-friendly destination. There’s something for everyone—from top-tier museums to street performances to the quiet serenity of Mt. Royal Park. Plus, there’s the undeniable glamour thanks to the fact that that everyone speaks French and city architecture looks more European than North American; think of it as a lot more convenient (and cheaper) than flying everybody to Paris.

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Tips And Tricks: Effective Cornering With Dave Norona

Dave Norona shares his cornering tips to avoid crashing around the next bend.

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If you want to join Columbia on its next epic adventure, tag your photos, videos, and tweets with #omniten. We’ll find you. Just be ready to start #TryingStuff.

The #omniten began in 2012 as a challenge. Columbia challenged itself to find ten people who love the outdoors as much as we do. We challenged ourselves to face reality by asking real people for honest product feedback. We challenged ourselves to create a dialogue with people who inspire us, people who push us, and people who live the #TryingStuff lifestyle.

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How To: Extend Summer Into Fall

School may now be in session, but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of all the outdoor activities that defined your family’s summer. Some would argue that autumn brings better weather to enjoy the wilderness — the sometimes oppressive heat and humidity give over to crisp nights, bursts of brilliant foliage, and a welcome lack of biting bugs. It’s the perfect time, in other words, to plan a multi-night camping trip.

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Tips And Tricks: Sneaking Up On Fish With Bob Izumi

Bob Izumi shows us that It’s all about efficiency and not spooking the fish when it comes to shallow water fishing.

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Travel: Via Ferrata, Climbing For The Rest Of Us

Italian for “Iron Road”, Via Ferrata are established paths that traverse and ascend rock faces. Because of this system of ladders and cables, most anyone can climb these with just a few minutes of training. All it takes is a special harness with bungee-cord leashes that clip in to anchor yourself to the rock. With over 100 Via Ferrata in Europe, Canada and the U.S., these are great ways to experience the thrills of vertical climbing without the risk, training and expense typically involved in rock climbing. 

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Tips And Tricks: How To Dress To Go Fishing With Conway Bowman

An often overlooked element to saltwater fly fishing is clothing that will protect you from the sun. Conway Bowman shows us a few clothing options that will save your skin in the long run.

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I Am #OMNITEN: The Adventure Documentary


‘I Am #OMNITEN’ is an adventure film that tells the story of ten ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Shot while on location in the Kingdom of Jordan, ‘I Am #OMNITEN’ showcases their experiences from extreme locations. We learn about their personal stories and why the outdoors have become such an important part of their lives. From ancient marvels to natural wonders, the #omniten immerse themselves in Jordanian culture and show us just what #TryingStuff really means.

See a preview below and join the cast for a special live Google+ screening on September 18th at 4:00pm PST.

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Good To Know: Beasts of Belize

Ah, Belize — one of the easiest places to travel in Central America. It’s got everything you come expect of the region: Mayan ruins, an immense barrier reef, dense jungles rife with wildlife, and bustling metropolises — and the official language is English. But…there also lurk a few deadly threats that you should familiarize yourself with before you put boots on the ground.

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