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People: Five Questions with Conway Bowman, the Mako Shark Man

Based in Southern California, Conway Bowman is a man who loves to catch fish, and the fly rod is his weapon of choice. He has traveled the world in search of Atlantic salmon, wild trout, redfish, bonefish, and tarpon. Bowman currently holds the IGFA world record for redfish caught on the fly (41.65 lbs Redfish, Record: World Fly Rod, 20lb Tippet). We recently caught up with the man to ask him a few questions about his passion for fishing.

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Columbia Named Good for the World

It’s always nice to know that somebody out there notices when you try to do something right.

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How-To: Ten Essentials For Adventure

First published in 1960 by The Mountaineers of Seattle, The Freedom of the Hills is now in its eighth edition.

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Travel: Apples Bar & Grill

Apples Bar and Grill | Sun Valley, Idaho

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Travel: Searching for Late-Season Turns

Our picks of the top spring (and summer!) ski destinations:

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Welcome To #TryingStuff: Your First Step To Adventure

On this, April Fools’ Day, let us pause to praise the time-honored pastime of tall tales that add spice to the world of adventure and the outdoors.

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Fall 2013 – Omni-Heat™ Reflective Season

This season features a wide range of incredibly warm, amazingly breathable Omni-Heat Reflective gear.

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The Quietest Hunting Gear You’ll Never See

Super silent fabrics, hunting details, and camo patterns like Real Tree and Mossy Oak, make our Performance Hunting Gear (PHG) stand out by blending in. It’s hunting apparel they won’t see, or hear, coming.

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Rep Your Team With Columbia College Gear


Show off your school pride with our Performance Fishing Gear (PFG) collegiate collection.

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Columbia Jackets Keep ‘Haiku Alive’ Poets Dry

On April 19th, a group of 4th/5th graders from the Parkrose School District took part in the ‘Haiku Alive: Awakening the Senses in the Japanese Garden’ program.

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