Directors of Toughness Yukon Territory

Your Directors of Toughness traveled to the Yukon Territory to test out not only Columbia Sportswear’s gear, but also mental and physical toughness in below freezing temperatures. Do they have what it takes? Find out below: Track the Directors of Toughness as they embark on a journey through the Yukon Territory in below freezing conditions. Giving

Apres Ski

Nothing elevates a day of skiing or snowboarding better, faster, or more completely than an après beverage enjoyed outside while the winter sun beams down and warms your skin. It’s a scene as quintessential to the experience as snow, a communal activity where everyone involved is sharing the same not-so-secret truth: snow-covered mountains reign supreme.

Fat Biking

  While we already explained common trail etiquette for enjoying the trails during the warmer months, winter comes with its own set of rules. Whether you are a skier, fat biker, snowshoer, snowmobiler, or out hiking with your dogs, here are some good rules to follow so you don’t enrage your fellow winter snow sports

Olympic National Park is home to five microclimates that exist on the Olympic Peninsula. One of these is the Hoh Rain Forest, which receives an average of 140 to 170 inches in rain a year. That makes for some beautiful, vibrantly green old-growth flora.

  Start your New Year off right—with volunteering and working in the outdoors. Playing in the outdoors is one thing, but have you ever considered a job where you live and work in the backcountry? Many of us are fortunate enough to spend our hard-won vacations outside—whether it is hiking, biking, climbing, skiing or snorkeling.

extreme freestyle snow skier

A 2014 study with the so-not-exciting title “Role of Helmets in Mitigation of Head Injuries” looked at 17 seasons of ski helmet usage data (from 1995 through 2012) and concluded that, as helmet usage increased, serious head injuries dropped from 4.2 percent down to three percent. But hopefully you don’t need evidence to prove that

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Baby, it’s cold outside—but the water’s great! Hot springs attract us in so many ways. First off, they are warm and make us feel good. Consider them shelter from the storm of life. Hot water, combined with natural minerals, has long been heralded for health and therapeutic benefits. Second, they are generally not too expensive.

Macklemore Tested Tough wearing Columbia OutDry ECO Jacket in the Pacific Northwest

Last summer, we had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Haggerty, a.k.a Macklemore, to chat about growing up in the Pacific Northwest and how the outdoors plays a part in his life and music. You have traveled the world, but you always return to the Pacific Northwest. What is it about this place that