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Tips And Tricks: Fishing Tennessee With Chad Hoover

Find out why out of anywhere in the U.S., Chad Hoover chose Tennessee as the #1 place to settle down.

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Tips And Tricks: Fishing Miami With George Poveromo

Why Miami? George Poveromo let’s us in on why this is one of the most beautiful stretches of saltwater.

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People: Smiling Runners

We love to run— muddy trails, wet roads. It doesn’t matter just give us time to kick.

That’s why we’re almost always bummed with the covers of most running magazines. They don’t really capture the true experience of running. You know the images of which we speak. The photo of that perfect runner, frozen mid-stride, smiling gleefully at the camera, with not a drop of visible sweat, not a hair out of place, not a single crease or spec of dirt to distract from the glimmering newness of their apparel and shoes? No one really looks like that while they’re running.

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Tips And Tricks: Braking With Dave Norona

How do you stop your mountain bike effectively? Use your brakes! Dave Norona demonstrates.

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Good To Know: This Winter Will Be COLD!

Truth be told, we love the Farmer’s Almanac in part because it knows how to turn a phrase — but given their forecast for winter this year, our affection is downright emphatic. “More Shivery and Shovelry” proclaims the lead headline, with other geo-specific morsels like “stinging snowfall” and “wintery white and wet.”

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Good To Know: Creatures of Cambodia

When it comes to animals, Cambodia ranks as an odd place—visit this country and you can actually go to a gun range and shoot a bazooka at a cow. An…odd experience, to be certain. But we think they might be aiming at the wrong creatures, given the very real dangers that some of the country’s other native animals present. Here are a few of the more dastardly.

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Tips And Tricks: Fishing For Largemouth Bass With Bob Izumi

Bob Izumi shows us one of the easiest ways to catch Largemouth Bass.

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Travel: New York City

You might have noticed—New Yorkers are about a lot more than funky glasses, skinny black jeans, and funny hats. In addition to great music, intriguing museums, and fantastic food, the city has a lot to offer for the outdoor athlete (without leaving the city). Whether you live in the Big Apple and want something different, or are visiting for work or pleasure and need some fresh air and exercise, here are our favorite human-powered sports in the city.

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Photo Courtesy: Outside Online

Spice Up Your Life

It’s often said that “variety is the spice of life.” We agree. Spices are what make life exciting! Want to add a little kick to your meal. Bam! Chili powder. Need to disperse a pack of grizzly bears? Wham! Chilli spray! Want to make your summer memorable? Pow! Chile powder…

Get your cameras ready. School is almost in session.

Get Your Cameras Ready

Image courtesy of Outside Online.

Tips And Tricks: Rigging A Fly Rod With Conway Bowman

The most basic thing to know before you hit the water? Conway Bowman shows us how to rig your fly rod.

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