By Faith Briggs @faithevebee On a crisp Icelandic morning, we were greeted by Bjorn, who was beaming with enthusiasm. Mark and I piled into the back of his car with volunteers from an organization called Seeds. We’re driving to a site slightly outside of Reykjavik where his organization, Gróður fyrir fólk í Landnámi Ingólfs (GFF),

Faith Briggs in Iceland

by Faith Briggs @faithevebee When Denis Irwin, Manchester United football legend, meets you at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester, United Kingdom, arguably one of the most recognizable sports arenas in the world, and tells you that the task at hand is playing football in Iceland, you know you’re in the midst of an incredible adventure.


By Mark Chase @markjameschase I have to admit that when it was announced that I was heading back to the United Kingdom for my first trip as Director of Toughness, I honestly was shocked. Although, I should probably know better by now than to try and second guess what Columbia has in store for me and

Exercise is great both for kids and adults. But it’s hard to muster much enthusiasm to get outdoors on cold, dark winter mornings. The answer? Take up a snow sport, whether it is alpine skiing (downhill), snowboarding, cross-country (Nordic or Skate), or even snowshoeing. Sure, there’s some commitment involved with learning and gearing up, but

Zombies were a plague upon humanity long before AMCs The Walking Dead staggered into their Sunday night time slot. And, to be honest, we gravitate toward the more tongue-in-cheek (or should we say tongue-in-brain) splatter-punk dark humor that was part of the genres DNA (Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead) long before the cable networks

70 Island in Palau

The Blue Hole in Belize, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the marine park surrounding the entire island nation of Bonaire-the scuba diving enthusiast doesn’t suffer from a lack of options. In fact, some of the globe’s most compelling sites can easily get lost in the embarrassing riches that characterize the sport, which is perhaps why Palau

extreme freestyle snow skier

Snow has already started to pummel the mountains of North America, and the forecasts for the season ahead have inspired superlatives that bely the traditionally conservative weatherman. And we say, bring it on. But there’s one other hurtle to clear as we get ready for the impending ski season: the deadline for landing a killer