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First things first: Ketchum, Idaho, the city adjacent to the famed Sun Valley Resort and your typical gateway to the region, can be hard to reach. The area (including the small town of Hailey) sits in a low valley, and when the weather comes in, the conditions can close the airport. It’s not uncommon to

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When temperatures start dropping and snow is in the forecast, we dream of warm weather winter destinations. Of course we’ll embrace winter sports, but in some parts of the country, you can ride, bike, hike and generally hang out outside, 12 months of the year without wearing a lot of layers. Moab, Utah is a

By Melinda Crow @melindacrow Scuba diving from shore may seem as simple as gearing up and walking in, but extra planning keeps the little things from tripping you up. Freedom is the number one reason to try shore diving. There’s no dive guide ushering you along or hurrying you back to the boat. With shore

We all know how ridiculously beautiful-and exciting and enlivening and visually dramatic-skiing and snowboarding can be. That’s why we love snow sports, and also why Hollywood occasionally turns to our favorite winter activities. In an ideal world, making skiing and snowboarding part of the script can add a sense of real majesty in the otherwise-predictable

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We snow sports enthusiasts are a superstitious lot. Even with the advances in detailed weather forecasting year after year, and a promising forecast for the 2016-17 season, we still think we control the outcome of the upcoming winter season thanks to our often silly, but oh-so-necessary, break-only-if-you-dare, pre-season winter rituals. Or maybe we’re just worried

The snow is starting to fall in the mountains and with some resorts opening in just a few short weeks, it is time to get your skis ready. While you could pay the professionals to tune your skis for you (and perhaps you should if they are in really bad shape), it’s relatively easy to

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I was climbing at Smith Rock State Park the other day and two people ahead of me on the trail caught my attention. It wasn’t that the man was tall, as muscled as Paul Bunyan and carrying an impossibly heavy pack. Or that his climbing partner, with an equally heavy pack, (and forearms to rival