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Travel: Where to Fat Bike

Once thought to be a passing fad, fat biking is here to stay. Created in the ’80s in Alaska as a way to continue riding through the long winter season, these floating beasts are now quickly becoming fixtures on groomed multi-use trails, Nordic centers, and ski resorts across the country. As the name explains, these bikes have massive tires that can find traction–and control–on snow. And although you won’t be setting any land speed records, you will certainly enjoy the fact you are still pedaling in February. Here are five of our favorite fat biking destinations.

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Tips And Tricks: Assessing Steep Terrain

Chad Hendren, of Extremely Canadian, shows us how to access steep terrain and ski with confidence.

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Good To Know: Pond Hockey

“Bringing Hockey Back to the Basics,” is the slogan for the Pond Hockey Classic a series of tournaments developed in New Hampshire in 2009. Now hundreds of teams from across the country compete for a spot in the event. There are open leagues (like the Labatt Blue Balls from Boston), age group teams (like the U35 Live Free and Dangle from Londonderry, NH), women’s teams (Miss Conduct from Hingham, MA), and in the Twig League (Here for the Beer from Calgary, Alberta). Sure, there are tens of thousands of pick-up games across North America that start pretty much whenever it’s cold enough for the ice to form (typically from November through March), but for the serious player, this organized approach is a fun way to combine competition, adult beverages, and–hopefully–the thrill of victory.

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How To: Ski Tuning 101

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on new alpine skis. Good first step. But now you’ve got to preserve that investment by committing to a set tuning strategy. It’ll help your ski perform better (which is always good), and will let the ski last longer (which is always great). Here are the basics.

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Tips And Tricks: Perfection Knot with Tim Babich

Tying knots in thicker lines can be tricky. Tim Babich shows us how to tie the Perfection Knot so that your life will be a little bit easier!

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Good To Know: Hot Tub Etiquette

Nothing feels better than soaking your cold and aching muscles in the hot tub after a full day of shredding. While hot tubs are best shared with friends and perhaps a cold beverage or two, some unwritten rules exist on how you should behave while bubbling away at 104 degrees.

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Tips And Tricks: Line Management with Tim Babich

On the flats, you don’t often have time to get the fly to to the fish. It’s important to follow Tim Babich’s tips to catch that fish of a lifetime!

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Good To Know: Do You REALLY Need Demo Skis?

When renting snow equipment–especially during the chaotic early hours at most major ski resorts–the question of whether or not you want demo skis can feel like an ask from a sketchy salesman at a car dealership. But know that demo skis or snowboards aren’t the equivalent of a top coat on a car; they can  make the difference. That said, demos aren’t for everyone, and with an increased fee of $15 to $20, it may be an unneeded expense to your time on the mountain. Here’s a few tips to help you decide whether or not to upgrade.

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Travel: Stowe Mountain Resort

East Coast skiing and snowboarding often suffers as the butt of most West Coast skiers’ all-too-easy jokes (usurped, perhaps, only by skiing in the Mid-Atlantic or the Mid West). And yes, we concede that New England skiing can be pretty miserable. Frostbite-cold–except when it’s raining. Slopes covered in sheets of inches-thick ice–except when it’s a sludgy, soupy mess. Runs that aren’t as long as their Colorado or California counterparts–except when they’re utterly unforgiving in their pitch and drop. But hit the right day at a New England ski resort, and you’ll be ready to counter the dismissive claims of the not-so-enlightened.

And perhaps no place better exemplifies all that East Coast skiing has to offer than Stowe Mountain Resort.

Here’s a quick primer to get you to the best that this famed mountain has to offer.

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Tips And Tricks: Improved Homer Rhode with Tim Babich

Using a thicker line to catch fish on the fly? Tim Babich demonstrates the Homer Rhode.

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