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Good To Know: Can You Drink Too Much Water?

Myth: You Can Never Drink Too Much Water

Fact: You can, in fact, drink too much water.

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Good To Know: Do You Need Hiking Poles?

The first time you encounter hikers using poles, it’s easy to do a double take. But soon you acclimate to the idea (not to mention the rhythmic click-click sound of their poles hitting earth as they approach—and then pass—you). Soon, the query you’ll be pondering mid-hike is whether or not you need these popular accessories.

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A Man And A Minivan: Part IV

It was the desert that changed things.

I’d been on the road almost two months when I reached the Lone Star State, and that’s when everything became new. I’d already camped my way down the East Coast from D.C., hiked across wild beaches in the Outer Banks, stared down ravenous deer in the Smokies, and eaten my way through New Orleans. It was all amazing, but I was born in the South and so it was also all familiar.

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Tips And Tricks: Offshore Trolling With George Poveromo

George Poveromo emphasizes the need for organization, structure, and observation when trolling offshore for big game.

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Gear: Trail Running Essentials

Other than the clothes on your back, all the gear you really need is a good pair of shoes. With trail running, the same logic applies. But there are a few additional items that can make tearing into your local wilderness on your own two feet a lot more enjoyable. Here are the refreshingly simple basics.

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Travel: Ireland’s Wild Side

Stretching 1,550 miles along Ireland’s western seaboard, the Wild Atlantic Way is the longest defined coastal drive in the world. The seven counties that line the coast have put aside their friendly rivalries in order to create a comprehensive experience, making it easy to access this rugged and remote section of Ireland.

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People: 5 Questions With Bob Izumi

Bob Izumi is Canada’s most popular fishing personality and one of the foremost spokespersons on the sport. For nearly 30-years his weekly Real Fishing Show has educated and entertained legions of anglers, both young and old, on the finer points of fishing.

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Tips And Tricks: Mountain Bike Climbing With Dave Norona

Sometimes starting out slow and riding the whole hill is the best way to begin climbing on your mountain bike.

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A Man And A Minivan: Part III

If you haven’t gone camping in 15 years, nature can seem like a pretty scary place…

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Tips And Tricks: Bank Fishing With Bob Izumi

No boat? No problem! Bob Izumi shows us how to read water from ashore.

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