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Travel: Quebec

Enchanting is the only word for winter in Quebec City. Ok, it does get cold and snowy, but the streets glitter brightly with festive decorations, imbuing the city with a downright iconic, wholly contagious holiday vibe. The streets are narrow and the close proximity of…everything in this old-European-style village means that you never have to walk far for a warm meal, hot chocolate, or local brew. If you’ve never been to Quebec City, it’s a blend of old-world charm with a charm that’s totally French Canadian—exotic and welcoming at the same time.

There’s plenty to do and see—here are some tips for planning your trip.

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Travel: Ski and Ride NYE

Expectation is always the downfall of most New Year’s Eve celebrations. So much build up tends to lead to so much…disappointment. But the silver lining of this holiday may reside in its place on the calendar–New Year’s Eve, in other words, is the prime time to embrace some cold-weather fun. So we say leave watching the dropping of the ball in Times Square to the mindless hordes, and head for the mountains instead. Here are a few of our favorite snow-centric celebrations this year…

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Gear: Snowshoeing 101

Snowshoeing is one of the oldest snow sports, most likely developed in Central Asia more than 6,000 years ago. The practice was brought to North America across the Bering Strait and our own indigenous population is credited for spearheading design and performance innovations. In the 1800s, winter carnivals across North America embraced the sport, and by 1900, U.S. made snowshoes were readily available in the country.

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Tips And Tricks: Choosing A Hook With Chad Hoover

Just like everything else in fishing, the right tools for the job are critical. There’s a lot of hooks out there! Chad Hoover makes sure we know which ones to choose to get the job done.

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Travel: Ice Sculptures

Forget the image of frozen swans in wedding punchbowls. Ice sculptures are so much more advanced than that cliché. Now, countless cities around the globe host their own ice and snow sculpture festivals–it’s the perfect activity in places where cold weather is the norm. People create and enjoy beautiful art–and ice is the ultimate renewable resource. The sculptures range from the exquisite small creations to entire hotels and castles where you can spend the night and have a classy meal.

Here are a few don’t miss ice and snow sculpture events.

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How To: Prevent Shin Bang

Don’t Be A Boot Banger

Often the number one complaint after ski season starts is pain in the shins. Better know as “shin bang” or sometimes “boot bang,” the excruciating condition comes from your shins hitting the front of your boot every time you flex forward, resulting in painful bruising.

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Tips And Tricks: Bridling Live Bait With George Poveromo

Bridling live bait is, without a doubt, the most effective way to ensure a hook will set in that fish’s mouth!

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Press Play: Ski Porn

Last week we looked at the madcap identity of skiing in Hollywood. And this week we focus on the subgenre of cinema made by people who really get it. Expect to lose hours. Expect your jaw to drop. Expect to restart often. And don’t watch these top films alone–because you’ll want to be able to talk with someone about that perfect line or impossible huck that you just witnessed.

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Tips And Tricks: Orienting Your Map With Dave Norona

Whether you’re lost or just want confirm your location, a map and compass are two items you never want to leave home without!

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Good To Know: The Yeti

First things first. The Yeti is not Big Foot, nor is it Sasquatch. The term Yeti refers to the elusive animal that’s said to inhabit the cold-weather regions of Tibet and Nepal. Big Foot and the Sasquatch are more commonly “found” in forested areas, particularly those of the Pacific Northwest. But the confusion is understandable. Both creatures look similar: a large, almost ape-like humanoid with slightly hunched shoulders and lots of body hair. But only the Yeti is said to be found in places typically covered by ice, snow, and frost.

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