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Press Play: Ski Porn

Last week we looked at the madcap identity of skiing in Hollywood. And this week we focus on the subgenre of cinema made by people who really get it. Expect to lose hours. Expect your jaw to drop. Expect to restart often. And don’t watch these top films alone–because you’ll want to be able to talk with someone about that perfect line or impossible huck that you just witnessed.

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Tips And Tricks: Orienting Your Map With Dave Norona

Whether you’re lost or just want confirm your location, a map and compass are two items you never want to leave home without!

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Good To Know: The Yeti

First things first. The Yeti is not Big Foot, nor is it Sasquatch. The term Yeti refers to the elusive animal that’s said to inhabit the cold-weather regions of Tibet and Nepal. Big Foot and the Sasquatch are more commonly “found” in forested areas, particularly those of the Pacific Northwest. But the confusion is understandable. Both creatures look similar: a large, almost ape-like humanoid with slightly hunched shoulders and lots of body hair. But only the Yeti is said to be found in places typically covered by ice, snow, and frost.

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How To: Winter Health

Staying active in the winter presents its own season of challenges–the least of which is avoiding the urge to hibernate. And proper nutrition can be tied to almost all elements of a successful cold-weather impulse to try stuff. Do it right, and you can stay warm and fuel your muscles, leaving you to yearn for more sunlit hours.

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Tips And Tricks: How To Set The Hook With Bob Izumi

The biggest mistake a fishing novice can make? Not setting the hook properly! Bob Izumi tells us how to set the hook that’s going to get the fish!

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Travel: South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe, straddling the border between California and Nevada, is a city that never sleeps. You could easily play outside all day and party all night and keep up the frenetic tempo for several lifetimes. The nearly ubiquitous views of Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America, and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains stand as a near-constant reminder that there’s a legion of outdoor pursuits on tap here, from skiing and snowboarding in the winter to paddleboarding, trail running, backpacking, hiking, biking, and…pretty much everything the rest of the year. Partner that outdoor hedonism with the city’s handful of casinos, which offers a different spin on indulgence, and expect to be wholly overwhelmed with options. Let us offer a few ways to navigate the 1,001 options for the winter months now upon us.

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Tips And Tricks: How To Catch More Fish With Chad Hoover

What is the most important thing an angler can use to catch more fish? It’s what you put in your brain, not your tackle box!

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Good To Know: Ski Lingo

Congrats! You’ve graduated from rental skis into the brave new world of ski ownership. But this is a daunting universe…finding the right alpine ski can be as confusing as calculus. They come in all shapes and sizes, with different side cuts, waist widths, tail design, camber, and flex patterns. Even we get overwhelmed–so we spoke with Pete Wagner, the genius behind Wagner Custom Skis. He’s a wizard at matching ski design with a person’s ability and goals, and he’s been kind enough to share a few tips to help you find the perfect pair.

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Tips And Tricks: Catching King Mackerel With George Poveromo

Everyone loves to catch exciting and impressive fish, right? George Poveromo lets us in on his secrets for catching the big King Mackerel.

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Travel: Puerto Rico

If absence truly makes the heart grow fonder, by now you’re probably really yearning for a bit of sun. The kind of sun that warms the skin. The kind of sun that makes the dark days of winter feel like a distant dream. The kind of sun that glints, hypnotically, off the Caribbean Sea. The kind of sun, in other words, that illuminates the isle of Puerto Rico almost every day of the year.


And given the island’s status as a U. S. territory, you don’t need a passport.


Spontaneous travel just became much simpler. Here’s a few things you can do when you arrive.

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