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Good To Know: Duct Tape

Duct tape—the miracle adhesive tape that can be used to fix almost anything. And its origins speak to its enduring, hardcore character: during World War II, the Revolite division of Johnson & Johnson developed a new adhesive tape for the US military, intended to seal ammunition cases against moisture.

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A Man And A Minivan: Part VI

It took about five months to work my way across the country, but after I returned from Alaska–the literal and spiritual end of my westward wandering–I was ready to be home. I drove from Seattle to Washington, D.C., in a week, and completed the final 1,300 miles in a single, sleepless stretch.  These are a few of the spots that demanded I pause the rabid sprint back to the east coast, and they remind me that even when you’ve got somewhere to be, it’s still all in the journey.

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How To: Earn Your Guinness In Dublin

Truth is, most tourists to Dublin experience the city on foot or by bus. We say, break the mold, get your hands wet, and earn that pint of Guinness on the River Liffey.

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Tips And Tricks: Shallow Water Fishing With Bob Izumi

It’s easy to spook fish! Bob Izumi shows us how to correctly cast into shallow water without scaring them away.

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Good To Know: Does Cotton Really Kill?

Myth: Cotton kills.

Fact: The short answer? No. Unless you’re in some B-movie where a cursed concert t-shirt ends up strangling you in your sleep, cotton will not kill you.

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Tips And Tricks: Saltwater Fly Casting With Conway Bowman

In saltwater fly fishing, there are two critical casts you need to know. Pro, Conway Bowman demonstrates.

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A Man And A Minivan: Part V

Part V: From SoCal to the Northern Lights

Henry Miller famously spent time writing at Big Sur. So did Jack Kerouac. Hunter Thompson, too. So of course, I had to go.

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Tips And Tricks: Taking Kids Fishing, With Chad Hoover

Chad Hoover’s favorite way to fish? With a kid in tow!

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How To: Why You Should Split Up Your Family Vacation

At Columbia, we have a lot of mottos. “Trying Stuff since 1938” for example because we were founded by our CEO’s grandfather as a hat company. And as a company run to this day as a family business, we’re in the business of family fun. And we continue to think “the family that plays together stays together.”

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Good To Know: Can You Drink Too Much Water?

Myth: You Can Never Drink Too Much Water

Fact: You can, in fact, drink too much water.

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