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Tips And Tricks: Hiking Route Selection With Dave Norona

Dave Norona shows us how to choose a proper route when hiking (while maximizing fun and safety).

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Good To Know: Frostbite

We all love to play outdoors in the winter but as the temps grow colder, it’s vital to take care of your skin–most particularly on your extremities. Any exposed skin in cold, windy weather is vulnerable to frostbite, but frostbite can also occur on skin covered by gloves or other clothing if you remain outside in the cold too long.

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Tips And Tricks: When To Change It Up With Bob Izumi

The fish are biting like mad! Change up lures?! Bob Izumi tells us why we should learn a new technique when the fish are biting.

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How To: Work Off Thanksgiving Dinner

According to the Calorie Control Council, the average American consumes more than 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat during Thanksgiving. Between the main meal, the pie, the drinks, and all the appetizers and sides the pounds start to pile on.

This year, why not make the pledge to get outside to participate in some of your favorite outdoor activities in order to reset the mind, bond with family and friends, and burn off all those holiday goodies. We aren’t saying you have to skip the pumpkin pie (323 calories per slice according to the USDA), but maybe head out on that family hike before or after the big feast.

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How To: Winter Camping Tips

Camping or backpacking in the dead of winter can be cold business. But you will be rewarded with pristine, snowy wilderness, and very few people. And while cold-weather camping might frighten most people, it doesn’t have to be miserable. Here are a few tips to making your time in the wild during the deep days of winter more enjoyable.

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Tips And Tricks: How To Cast From A Kayak With Chad Hoover

As intuitive as it seems, there are a few things you should keep in mind when casting from a kayak. Chad Hoover fills us in on these pointers.

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Good To Know: Will Your Tongue REALLY Stick to a Frozen Pole?

Blame it on A Christmas Story (one of the best holiday movies ever), but there’s a human propensity to take risks, whether it be out of a compulsion to just keep trying stuff, or as a consequence of a double-dog dare. Whatever the motivation, you might feel tempted this season to see what really happens when you touch your tongue to a frozen flag pole—or a ski lift safety bar…


This time your mother—and that famed holiday movie—were both right.

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Tips And Tricks: How To Cut Glare With George Poveromo

Cutting down on glare is a must in order to see the game fish that you’re after! George Poveromo tells us how.

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Travel: Warm Winter Hikes

While we all love the coming of the cold, and the activities that accompany it, occasionally we yearn for a bit of a respite from winter (especially if those Polar Vortex conspiracies come true). And that’s why we love these hikes. They trace through some of the country’s best national parks, ones that are prohibitively hot during the peak travel months of summer, but become a textbook destination when the rest of the country struggles to adjust to the deep freeze.

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Tips And Tricks: How To Build A Fire With Dave Norona

The sun is setting and you’ve got a long way to your destination. Dave Norona shows us how to safely build a fire that will keep us warm throughout the night.

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