dark woods at night

When exploring the great outdoors, make sure you know the rules of three before any amazing outdoor adventure. While bringing the 10 essentials with you every time you head out onto the trail or into the backcountry for the day is the first step, knowing what to do with them once all hell breaks loose

Yosemite Half Dome

By Katie Mansfield @katiecmansfield So you have a day or two in Yosemite and you can’t get a permit for Half Dome, do this instead! For the fresh-air worshipping adventurer, Yosemite National Park is heaven. And for those who venture through the piney gates, Half Dome is the pinnacle of this heaven, the hike is

mohonk mountain house

Referring to the Mohonk property as a “house” does this property no justice. The 1,325-acre resort boasts more than 250 hotel rooms, suites, and cottages in the Mohonk, historic building and the surrounding mountainside, all a stone’s-throw from the glistening Mohonk Lake. You’ll find 85 miles of hiking trails; canoe, kayak, cycling, golf, guided rock


By Tyler Dixon @tcdixon3 The Burgess Shale has been called one of the most important fossil discoveries anywhere on the planet. The fossils found there are over 505 million years old and are some of the finest examples of soft-bodied preservation anywhere on Earth. Most fossils on record contain hard body parts, such as bones,

Keeping it local! A year and a half ago, the picturesque parks, trails, boat ramps and campgrounds surrounding Grapevine Lake in Texas were literally under water. Severe flooding made this popular recreation area inaccessible to the community it served. Recovery was happening slowly, so Columbia decided their local Southlake store could lend them a hand.

Mt. Everest

Last month, ultra-runner Karl Meltzer broke the speed record on the Appalachian Trail, 2,200 miles in 45 days, 22 hours, and 38 minutes. That’s only a mere ten-hours faster than the previous record, and one that might hold-at least until the previous record-holder hits the trail. Either way, Meltzer’s accomplishment is an astounding feat, to