Director of Toughness Dogs

  Selecting a new canine companion? Here are a few dog breeds that are built to go the distance. There’s an old adage that dogs and people begin to look alike after years of living together. But have you ever noticed that people also tend to have dogs that segue into their lifestyle? Does a person adopt

We’re dedicating this month’s @columbia1938 Instagram Challenge to the search for Columbia Sportswear’s next two Directors of Toughness: #OneToughJob In case you haven’t heard, Columbia Sportswear is searching high and low for two brave souls to travel the world, test gear and tell the world about it. The Directors of Toughness will be full-time brand ambassadors,

Man skiing through powder

Great literature, like a first-rate concert, clings to your every pore long after the music’s stopped. Peter Kray’s new book The God of Skiing delivers that same sensation—a feeling of being overwhelmed by something far bigger than any one thing, and at the same time belonging to a fabulously complex sport. Plus it’s a rollicking

Shenandoah National Park

Whether you love to camp, hike, fish, or horseback riding, Shenandoah National Park in Virginia has everything you need for an epic adventure. A far cry from the political machinations of Washington, DC, and a world away from the beltway, Shenandoah National Park ranks as one of the national parks that’s only known—and revered—by its

Director of Toughness Lauren Steele and 2 Mt. Hood guides in icy conditions

  Some call this a dream job. Many don’t. Whoever says there are no second chances didn’t know that Columbia is now taking applications for what’s arguably the best job in the world. Last year, Columbia created two positions for Director of Toughness. The unique position was designed to allow two adventures the chance to

Girls jumping into water

  Like the guitar riff to Purple Haze, or the sound of rolling thunder after lightning hits, a Little Black Dress commands attention. You’re headed out for a week in the backcountry or a long day hike—chances are you’ll celebrate your accomplishment with a good meal and cold drink. Are you going to wear your sweaty

Beautiful winter landscape Snow on the top of Alps Mountains

“Cold Man Winter did seem to be on vacation last year thanks to a very strong El Niño, but this year he’s back . . .” – Editor Peter Geiger, Philom. A couple of weeks ago, Farmers’ Almanac released their 2017 anniversary edition with its usual eclectic mix of weather, astronomy, humor, and everyday life