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Travel: Sun Valley, Idaho

First things first: Ketchum, Idaho—the city adjacent to the famed Sun Valley Resort and your typical gateway to the region—can be hard to reach. The area (including the small town of Hailey) sits in a low valley, and when the weather comes in, the conditions can close the airport. It’s not uncommon to take off, fly right over Hailey, and then get rerouted due to fog or clouds, even after making a few attempts at landing on the runway.

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Vasu Sojitra: ‘Out on a Limb’

“His talent pretty much exceeds most any skier I’ve ever seen.” Adaptive skier, Vasu Sojitra, stars in ‘Out On A Limb’ profiling his inspiring story as he ventures into the backcountry to summit peaks, explore avalanche zones, send cliffs, and ski deep powder lines—all completely unassisted. Filmed in the Chic-Choc Mountain range and Vermont’s backcountry, Vasu shows that the only limits are those we place on ourselves.

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Tips And Tricks: Fishing From A Kayak With Chad Hoover

Why does Chad Hoover choose to fish from a kayak? He likes to get into places other people can’t!

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How To: Make It Snow and Other Winter Superstitions

We snow sports enthusiasts are a superstitious lot. Even with the advances in detailed weather forecasting year after year, and a promising forecast for the 2014-15 season, we still think we control the outcome of the upcoming winter season thanks to our often silly, but oh-so-necessary, break-only-if-you-dare, pre-season rituals. Or maybe we’re just worried that we’ll jinx our winter if we don’t give in to tradition.

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Tips And Tricks: Rigging For Opportunity With George Poveromo

Don’t rig for just one species! George Poveromo gives us the tips and tricks so we’ll never miss an opportunity fish!

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Big City Mountaineers ‘Try-On’ Program

Big City Mountaineers (BCM) transforms the lives of under-served urban youth through wilderness mentoring expeditions that instill critical life skills.

Columbia is a long-term partner with BCM because of our shared commitment to getting kids outside. This Fall we are excited to partner with BCM through our unique “Try Columbia and Introduce Urban Teens to the Outdoors” initiative.

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Travel: There’s More To Irish Food Than Guinness

Perhaps because of its geographic proximity and tangled history with England, a country whose culinary heights are typically associated with mushy peas, food in Ireland gets a bad rap. We’re here to change that perception.

First, there’s Guinness, that famed, amber-hued beer of the gods that’s robust enough to qualify as a meal (even if it’s technically lighter in calorie count and lower in alcohol than the our famed State-side IPAs). Yea, it’s a drink…not food—but you can also cook with it; your first taste of Guinness beef stew will make you appreciate this stout on a whole new level.

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Good To Know: Deadly Animals of the Dominican Republic

Ah, the Dominican Republic: easy to reach from the States, a blissful and warm respite from the polar vortex that threatens to overtake our country again this winter. A world-class windsurfing destination, and so damn idyllic you can forget all your worries… Unless you encounter one of these local inhabitants.

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How To: Winterize Your Footwear

Whether you are trying to stretch another season out of your winter hiking boots, or just bought a new pair, boot maintenance not only protects your investment, but protects your feet. Leather is naturally hydrophilic (read: can get damaged by water), and even DWR-treated leather leaks if there’s enough moisture over a long enough duration of time. Once leather becomes wet, water moves from pore to pore while you walk (as the boot flexes there’s a natural pumping action). It stretches and weakens, then as it dries, it shrinks and becomes brittle, drastically impacting the half-life of your boots and potentially damaging the weatherproofness you so desperately need while on the trail.

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Tips And Tricks: Backpack Essentials With Dave Norona

Dave Norona shares his top 10 essentials to have on hand anytime you’re mountain biking or hiking.

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