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Pioneer Update: The Ozark Sitters

The Ozark Sitters are not exactly a feisty bunch. They prefer to get their dose of the Greater Outdoors in a quiet, contemplative manner. And we’re OK with that. Here’s an update about what they’ve been up to lately:

The Greater Ozark Sitters Society has grown with a few more members, and we have continued our quest for the perfect place to sit, with far too many pristine locations to choose from. We have also started journeying to more obscure sitting locations…. Caves. The Ozarks area is known for its beautiful caves, and although its a sometimes a challenge, underground sitting is one of our newfound passions.

Our group has also embarked on a new campaign, “The Peddle to Ponder”. Bicycling to locations urban, suburban, remote, far, local, and sit-able. We find bicycling a more eco-friendly, healthier, and more enjoyable way to get out and sit.


Ozark Sitters Society

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