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Good To Know: Hangry Animals of Honduras

For a country of just more than 43,000 square miles, Honduras has a surprising number of resident animals—as many as 225 mammals, 100 amphibians, 196 reptiles, 725 birds, and hundreds of aquatic creatures. Its rainforest-choked center is largely responsible, as well as the proximity of the world’s second-largest coral reef, accessible via Roatan and the other two smaller Bay Islands. Throughout the country you’ll find pristine diving, quad-burning rainforest hikes, copious Mezo-American ruins, chaotic urban centers—and lots and lots of dangerous animals. Here are a few to avoid.

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Good To Know: Wave Riding

Body surfing might be the best free activity in the world. All you need is a swimsuit (and in some spots, even that’s optional). In Hawaiian, the word for body surfing is “umauma,” which translates to “sliding with the chest,” in contrast to “he’e nalu,” which means “to ride the waves.”

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Good To Know: Dangerous Animals of Gabon

The Central African country of Gabon ain’t Sandals-style tourism. There are no all-inclusives, and you won’t follow anyone holding a yellow umbrella to help you get from tourist spot A to B. But you will find a DIY-friendly locale unlike any other place in the world, with white-sand beaches, dense rainforests, and rushing rivers. In fact, Gabon recently transformed 10 percent of its country into a protected national park—so there are a lot of unfettered landscapes to explore. And a lot of animals. Here are a few to…not avoid, necessarily. Wildlife viewing is part of Gabon’s draw. But consider these animals the ones you should treat with a measure of respect.

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Good To Know: Mother’s Day Ideas

Still trying to figure out your Mother’s Day plans? We’ve got you covered. Skip the crowds and long lines at brunch, and celebrate mom with a fun-filled day outside. Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to show your mom she is special this weekend:

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Good To Know: Babies In The Wild

The American outdoor dream works like this: You love the outdoors. You travel to cool places and learn exceptional skills. Then you share your love of nature with someone else. Often that someone else is a child to whom you pass down your wisdom, passion, and appreciation for nature.


But is it that easy?


Yes! Here’s our primer for taking kids outside.

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Good To Know: Dessert on the Trail

Hands down, there aren’t many things more magnificent than a wild berry. So much gastronomical potential in something so small. Marionberries,  raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, lingonberries—even the magnificent cloudberries of Sweden. These gifts from nature seem sweetest when you earn them. In places with lava-rich soil (like the Washington and Oregon Cascades) there’s an abundance of fruits and vegetables; local favorites are the blackberries and smaller red and black huckleberries. Careful lookers can find wild strawberries, and the holy grail of foraging, wild raspberries, with their lush sweetness and out-of-this-world juiciness.

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Good To Know: The Joys of Mud

As the spring corn melts off the mountains and the late-season skiers and snowboarders begrudgingly return to Earth and pack away their snow gear, the formerly snow-covered towns of the country enter into the oft-cursed mud season. It’s the time of the year where the snow has melted away any dreams of a few final turns in the ski season, a time when it’s too wet to hike or bike on the trails because they’re carpeted in cloying, momentum-sapping, boot-sucking mud.

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Good To Know: The Art of Pond Skimming

Spring has officially arrived–the snow is beginning to melt and leaves are budding on the trees. This means your local ski resort is getting ready to hold its annual festival to welcome spring, and the pond skimming event is the usual highlight–a group of crazy people attempting to ski or ride across a 100-plus-foot-long, icy-cold pond.

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Good To Know: Cold Is Hot

Through some good fortune and hard work, we found ourselves at the famous Mii Gullo Spa at Fjällnäs, the oldest mountain resort in Sweden. The crescent-shaped hot pool looks out over the frozen Lake Malmagen, bordered by the mountains of west Hörjedalen rolling towards Norway. We gazed through the steam rising from the hot water to the post-card-perfect view, but our real attention was at the gaping 20 x 15 foot hole carved out of the ice below. Who among us would be brave enough to take the icy plunge?

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Good To Know: Indoor Climbing

While outdoor climbing is still more about adventure and communing with nature, indoors it’s more akin to community interaction and an unbeatable workout. And sometimes the weather doesn’t make outdoor climbing an option worth considering–if you’ve sweat through the unrelenting sun at Smith Rock in mid-summer, or dealt with suddenly slippery hand-holds thanks to a rainstorm that dropped mid-pitch, you know the truth of which you speak. Sure…it makes for a good story. But really, it’s kind of miserable–and dangerous.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for owning it at your local gym.

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