runners with the sunset behind them trying to achieve a runner's high

Achieve that sense of physical and mental high by simply running. With marijuana becoming legal in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and now the nation’s capital, “High” may be the new buzzword of the millennium. But long before Alice B. Toklas, Maui Wowi, and Cheech & Chong movies, there was a much purer, legal, and—might we

mountain range in the spring

  Say it ain’t so! The ski season may be over in most of the country and that means one thing, preparation for ski gear storing. You’re in luck, we have just the end of ski season checklist for you. Ski season may be over for most of the country but don’t cry. It will

Iceland mountain range in spring

Have you ever wanted to go skiing in the most ridiculous outfit you could get your hands on? We would like the introduce you to the beauty of pond skimming. Spring has officially arrived—the snow is beginning to melt and leaves are budding on the trees. This means your local ski resort is getting ready to

northern lights lighting up the sky

The colorful nighttime displays of the Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights, are notoriously finicky to spot. If the marriage of location, weather, and timing all come together perfectly, you will be in for the light show of a lifetime. The sun creates the Northern Lights via solar wind, sunspots, and coronal mass


Cross-country skiing is not only exercise for your body, but also your mind. There’s the undeniable sense of adventure with new trails to explore and ever-changing conditions. Plus, the quiet time where it’s just you and nature. If you have never cross-country skied, treat yourself. A quick internet search of “cross country skiing + insert

Mount Whitney California

Even if it’s February and ski season is in full swing, it’s never too early to start focusing planning your next summer vacation. Most popular destinations and activities require advanced booking, so unless you want to be left out this summer, ditch the après celebrations this weekend and pull out your maps instead. serves as your one-stop

man and woman engaged in a snowball fight

As the profusion of annual, large-scale snowball fights testify, the once-playful world of playing in the snow just got a whole lot more serious. Even if you’re not part of some massive crowd trying to break the world record in a 90-second snowball firing spree (currently held by Seattle), these 7 tips will come in