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Good To Know: Duct Tape

Duct tape—the miracle adhesive tape that can be used to fix almost anything. And its origins speak to its enduring, hardcore character: during World War II, the Revolite division of Johnson & Johnson developed a new adhesive tape for the US military, intended to seal ammunition cases against moisture.

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Good To Know: Does Cotton Really Kill?

Myth: Cotton kills.

Fact: The short answer? No. Unless you’re in some B-movie where a cursed concert t-shirt ends up strangling you in your sleep, cotton will not kill you.

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Good To Know: Can You Drink Too Much Water?

Myth: You Can Never Drink Too Much Water

Fact: You can, in fact, drink too much water.

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Good To Know: Do You Need Hiking Poles?

The first time you encounter hikers using poles, it’s easy to do a double take. But soon you acclimate to the idea (not to mention the rhythmic click-click sound of their poles hitting earth as they approach—and then pass—you). Soon, the query you’ll be pondering mid-hike is whether or not you need these popular accessories.

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Good To Know: Should You Really Recycle Your Own Fluids?

Myth: Urine is sterile, so it’s great for cleaning out wounds and drinking if you find yourself without water.

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Good To Know: Lighten Your Feet, Lighten Your Load

The Myth:

Every pound you wear on your feet equals five pounds that you carry in your backpack.

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Good To Know: Coffee

Myth: It is often suggested that caffeine from food sources such as coffee, tea, or even chocolate causes dehydration and its consumption should be avoided or significantly reduced to maintain fluid balance when playing outdoors.

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Good To Know: 7 Movies to Avoid Before Going Camping

Don’t get us wrong. We love the outdoors. But we also recognize it can frighten as much as it can inspire—especially if you’re driven by superstitions like the bad luck of Friday the 13th.

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Good To Know: Quicksand

Myth: If you get stuck in quicksand, you will be slowly sucked into a bottomless pit. 

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Good To Know: Leave The Bananas At Home?

Myth: Bananas bring bad luck to any fishing endeavor.

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