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by Dylan Lara @dylanmlara You can take that Road Trip you’ve always dreamt of; without breaking the bank. Road Trips are as American as Apple Pie and Baseball. Route 66 inspired a road trip culture that still thrives on The Mother Road today. Everyone should get a taste of the freedom that open road offers

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With so many sunglasses on offer, it can be difficult to choose the right pair to suit your adventure. We’ve simplified the process for you. Whether you are in the sunglasses market for sport frames, aviators, or cat eye styles, the key to happiness lies in matching the appropriate lens to your planned activity. Lens

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  There are so many advantages to going off the grid. But make sure you check out these essential tech gear necessities to bring your outdoor experience to its highest potential. We all escape to the wild outdoors to get away from the noise of everyday life—but just because you’re thirsting for a bit of perspective and

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  Say it ain’t so! The ski season may be over in most of the country and that means one thing, preparation for ski gear storing. You’re in luck, we have just the end of ski season checklist for you. Ski season may be over for most of the country but don’t cry. It will

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The colorful nighttime displays of the Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights, are notoriously finicky to spot. If the marriage of location, weather, and timing all come together perfectly, you will be in for the light show of a lifetime. The sun creates the Northern Lights via solar wind, sunspots, and coronal mass


Cross-country skiing is not only exercise for your body, but also your mind. There’s the undeniable sense of adventure with new trails to explore and ever-changing conditions. Plus, the quiet time where it’s just you and nature. If you have never cross-country skied, treat yourself. A quick internet search of “cross country skiing + insert

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Don’t get left out in the cold when doing a little winter camping. Here are 7 tips you need to know beforehand. Camping or backpacking in the dead of winter can be cold business, but you will be rewarded with pristine, snowy wilderness, and very few people. And while cold-weather camping might frighten most people,