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Travel: Hiking New Hampshire

Spring hiking in New Hampshire is about color. The shades of green living in the fields, forests, and wildflowers rival a Monet. My husband’s family has lived in New England for centuries; as a young man he forged the first ascents of many of the iconic rock and ice climbs on Cannon Cliff in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire—a 6,692-acre park with 5,000-foot mountain peaks, waterfalls, lakes, and old-growth forests. But these mountains have been luring the intrepid for generations.

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Travel: Spring Skiing in Sweden

When you declare you are headed to ski in Sweden, most people assume you really meant to say Switzerland. Because Sweden doesn’t really have any mountains, right?

Wrong. Not only do they have some serious mountains, but they also have fewer crowds during peak ski seasons (save for Christmas, naturally), locally-sourced and artfully prepared organic food, killer après, Swedish saunas, and friendly people. In other words, all the ingredients for the perfect ski holiday–save that no one else knows about it.

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Travel: Spring Break Alternatives Part II

You may return more weary than well-rested, but at least your time away won’t be lost in a fog of hangovers and regrets. Here are a few to whet your appetite for what’s truly possible.

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Travel: Spring Break Alternatives Part I

Sure…spring break in Daytona or at some ski resort in the Rocky Mountains holds some appeal. But it’s also just so…predictable. Instead, why don’t you use this much-needed respite from the real world to challenge yourself, to do something unpredictable and memorable, to conquer an adventure and test your toughness. 

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Travel: Ski Resorts for Non-Skiers

Why would a non-skier or snowboarder go to a ski resort? Fun, of course. Raised in a tight family of 8, with active grandparents and lots of cousins, ski-cations were hands-down the best family reunion. Now with a family of my own, we’re following suit. We pick spots where the barely-walking crowd can play in the pool; teenagers sled or shop, and the grandparents and great aunts and uncles take sleigh rides and cooking classes. And when we bring our dog, we look for resorts that offer activities to four-legged travelers as well.

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Travel: Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

Photo: Colorado Ski Country USA

Colorado’s Arapahoe Basin Resort is awash in superlatives (and don’t worry—we’ll get to them). But its legion of impressive assets can accurately be summarized in two words, words that the resort has pretty much owned since it opened with a rope tow back in 1946: The Legend.
To people who have been here, the reasons are simple and undeniable: pure, electric Rocky Mountain skiing and snowboarding, with a dizzying number of runs threading across a peak that stands shoulders above all other Colorado resorts. Truly epic runs that can stretch up to 1.5 miles in length, paired with a low-key, no-frills vibe that permeates the mountain and takes over the parking lot when the lifts close.


And to those who haven’t visited A Basin, it’s one of the few places in ski lore that exceeds its reputation.

Here are a few reasons why….

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Travel: Where to Fat Bike

Once thought to be a passing fad, fat biking is here to stay. Created in the ’80s in Alaska as a way to continue riding through the long winter season, these floating beasts are now quickly becoming fixtures on groomed multi-use trails, Nordic centers, and ski resorts across the country. As the name explains, these bikes have massive tires that can find traction–and control–on snow. And although you won’t be setting any land speed records, you will certainly enjoy the fact you are still pedaling in February. Here are five of our favorite fat biking destinations.

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Travel: Stowe Mountain Resort

East Coast skiing and snowboarding often suffers as the butt of most West Coast skiers’ all-too-easy jokes (usurped, perhaps, only by skiing in the Mid-Atlantic or the Mid West). And yes, we concede that New England skiing can be pretty miserable. Frostbite-cold–except when it’s raining. Slopes covered in sheets of inches-thick ice–except when it’s a sludgy, soupy mess. Runs that aren’t as long as their Colorado or California counterparts–except when they’re utterly unforgiving in their pitch and drop. But hit the right day at a New England ski resort, and you’ll be ready to counter the dismissive claims of the not-so-enlightened.

And perhaps no place better exemplifies all that East Coast skiing has to offer than Stowe Mountain Resort.

Here’s a quick primer to get you to the best that this famed mountain has to offer.

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Travel: Telluride, Colorado

If there’s one ski area in the US that is absolute magic, it’s Telluride. The skiable terrain is tremendous–and accessible via a nice warm gondola. The original mining town, complete with its Victorian houses and brick shops, seems strangely unchanged over the past 50 or 60 years. Sure, western haute couture has replaced miner’s and forester’s uniforms, and mess halls have made way for fine dining; but the architectural integrity of the town has been preserved. What really saved Telluride was the development of the Mountain Village–just a 13-minute ride via the town’s free gondola system, which connects the main streets with the resort.

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Travel: Take the Polar Bear Plunge

It’s finally 2015 and one of the best ways to mark the new year is by taking part in one of the bone-chilling polar bear plunges held across virtually every state. Whether you simply want to challenge yourself, have a crazy fun day out with friends, or raise money for your favorite charity, here are some polar plunges to keep in mind.

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