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Three Ways to Waterproof

We offer three innovative waterproof technologies to create clothing, apparel, and footwear that cover you from head-to-toe. With Omni-Dry®, Omni-Tech®, and OutDry, there is no longer any excuse for not being active and trying stuff in the outdoors when it’s raining. So, what are these three technologies? Let’s take a look.



1. OutDry
The One That Keeps You Dry.

For the ultimate in waterproof technology, one brand stands out. Outdry.

Our patented construction process creates a one-piece waterproof breathable barrier, leaving no space between the membrane and the upper/outer shell for water to get in.

This one key difference eliminates the weight gain experienced in other waterproof products.

Stay drier, lighter, and more comfortable one hundred percent of the time.


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2. Omni-Dry
Ultrabreathable Waterproof.

Omni-Dry is the ultimate in waterproof technology. With Omni-Dry, air is able to circulate through the fabric, helping to regulate the conditions in the garment and keep excess moisture from collecting inside, while still maintaining its water and wind blocking properties. It keeps you dry on the inside and out during high physical activity, whatever the weather.


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3. Omni-Tech
Stay Dry in Wet Conditions.

Omni-Tech provides premium waterproof protection by keeping outside elements from getting in, while still allowing moisture vapors to move away from the skin. Omni-Tech is waterproof and breathable guaranteed.


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So, that’s our three ways to waterproof, but as you might have guessed it, we didn’t stop there. These three technologies have you covered on the outside, and they also breathe very well, to help keep you dry on the inside, but we crank that up a notch with our ultimate wicking technology: Omni-Wick® EVAP. We combine EVAP into many of our Omni-Dry and Omni-Tech pieces to up the waterproofness, inside and out.



Omni-Wick EVAP
Wicking Accelerated.

Omni-Wick EVAP is the next evolution in advanced wicking technology. We’ve cranked up the performance of our existing Omni-Wick platform by incorporating a special compound that disperses sweat quickly across a broad surface area for accelerated evaporation, creating a fabric with incredible sweat dissipating properties.


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There you have it. Waterproof innovations from the brand that aims to keep you outside trying stuff in all conditions. There is nothing left to say. Now it’s on you to get suited up, and get out there.

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