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Travel: Far View Lodge

Far View Lodge | Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

While touring the gob-smacking testament to human invention that is Mesa Verde National Park, it’s easy to understand why the Anasazi chose this valley as the place to build their ancient cliff dwellings.  Even without the presence of the country’s largest archeological preservation, the unfettered beauty of this region of the southwestern Colorado is enough to stop you in your tracks and invite you to linger for weeks, which is why the Far View Lodge is so wonderful.  The aptly name hotel sits 15 miles inside the park—one of the very few national parks that have hotels inside their borders—perched atop one of the higher points in Mesa Verde.

From your private balcony (yep, each room has one), you can cast your eyes across the expanse of four distinct states, spot curious wildlife, and trace your gaze across distant mountain ranges.  We say spend the day exploring the park, and retire to your room to watch the sunset. Then head down to the lobby to dine at the Metate Room, and return to star gaze across that expansive western sky.  Then repeat again the next day—the park’s mysteries reveal themselves with leisurely exploration, and the Far View Lodge makes for the ideal basecamp.  The rooms are perfectly bare bones. No TVs, no telephones, and no cell service. Nothing, in other words, to distract you from the surrounding landscape.  But they do have in-room fridges to keep a few of Colorado’s famed craft beers cold. Or upgrade to one of the Kiva Rooms, which also come with handcrafted furniture and an a/c.  The Far View Lodge is open from mid April till mid October, and the lobby does have free wireless for those who simply have to stay plugged in, even while blissing out.


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