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Travel: No-Tech Hotels

As people who are passionate about trying stuff in locales throughout the globe, we’ve had the good fortune of staying at some pretty plush resorts. From a postcard-perfect hotel on the Red Sea to the reserved, high-end luxe in Park City’s Monarch Hotel. And while we will never say no to the endless conveniences of concierge services and a spa day, when we end up at an accommodation that doesn’t boast 1,001 amenities, the experience never seems lacking.

Let’s call ‘em the lo-fi hotel variety. Properties that brand themselves on their lack of high-tech features. Think eco-lodges in the wilds of Jordan that live entirely off the grid, national park accommodations that are steeped in history and lack flat-screen TVs, ski-in/out hotels whose decided lack of electronic distractions can lead to conversations with new friends at the storied on-site après bar.

Some may have Wi-Fi in the lobby. Others might offer rudimentary room service. But all are mainly focused on embracing the place where you’ve decided to visit. They become part of the landscape to which you’re escaping. They’re part of the mountains, the ocean views, the winding trails through the Italian peaks, the rocky ridges overlooking the ragged coastline of the West Coast.

In this modern world of instant access to everything, staying at these hotels provides a moment of pause in the midst of all that high-octane adventuring.

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