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Welcome To #TryingStuff: Your First Step To Adventure

On this, April Fools’ Day, let us pause to praise the time-honored pastime of tall tales that add spice to the world of adventure and the outdoors.

From naval-gazing blogs about your latest exploits to stories of the one that got away to less-than-humble pronouncements of landing a big jump, exaggeration is just a much a part of the outdoor world as fresh snow is part of skiing—you can have one without the other, but it’s a lot more fun if both are involved.  We love them almost as much as documents of a triumphant failure.

And in this age of instant updating via 1,001 social channels, the impulse to proclaim your exploits from the top of the virtual mountaintop—while standing on the literal mountaintop—is both far easier than even before.  Get the right followers and you can graduate from being a legend in your own mind to corralling a world of fans who endure a burst of envious hatred whenever they read or see visual evidence of your latest successful exploit. And that’s without the “April Fools’!” punch line.

And we say go for it. Tweet it, pin it, Vine it, Instagram it, and post it. Like it, share it, email it, and do whatever it verbs currently apply. Hike the world’s most dangerous trail. Upload a video of an antelope attacking a mountain biker.  Film your own version of Danny MacKaskill’s ground-break video and land big-time sponsorships. But just remember: at the core of all that sorta-vital, hopefully-viral “sharing” is the simple impulse to try new stuff in the world just outside our door and just beyond our computer screens.

That’s what we’re here to celebrate: #TryingStuff, be it a new sport, hot spot, a classic trail, or a new climbing route. Throughout the coming months we’ll be profiling some of the best ways to get out there and experience new things, with everything from essential lists for a cadre of sports to Q&As with top athletes and personalities in the outdoor scene to must-visit multisport adventure hubs around the world—and a whole lot more.

So come back often.  Let us know how we’re doing, what we got right and what we missed.  Share your own tall tales on the Columbia Facebook page, our partner in this intrepid new venture.  Help us tell your story.  And above all, keep trying stuff.

Oh, and keep exaggerating bragging about all those exploits—both the triumphs and failures.  Because real enthusiasm is contagious.

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