Columbia’s Director of Toughness

So, you’re tough right? You’ve bagged a few peaks in your time. Skinned up a hill and cruised down all before an early lunch. You can bait your own hook and won’t get squeamish, right? Great!

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If you feel alive in the wild, dream of Snapchatting a 100 ft. cliff-dive, Instagramming from the top of Mount Rainier and putting gear to the ultimate test, we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for two outgoing, personable outdoor enthusiasts committed to going above and beyond physical limits and personal expectations to guarantee that our apparel and gear keeps people warm, dry, cool and protected in any weather or geographic situation. We are seeking those who possess perseverance, creativity and an irrepressible spirit to help them survive, thrive and, most importantly, expertly share their journey across unusual and challenging environments.

For the duration of the experience, the Directors of Toughness will call the beautiful bridge city of Portland, OR home. Portland not only hosts the headquarters of Columbia Sportswear, but is also a mecca for outdoor adventurists. However, 85% of this journey will be devoted to traveling, and there’s no telling where you will end up!