A Day at the Beach with Florida Sea Grant

As Directors of Toughness, we’ve had an incredible time testing gear across our beautiful planet.

For our most recent mission, we had the opportunity to head a little closer to home and go fishing off the coast of Miami. It was such fun trip and an awesome example of how to explore the great outdoors closer to home.

While we were in Florida we teamed up with Florida Sea Grant, a program based at the University of Florida that supports research, education and community activism to raise awareness and care for our oceans and coastal communities across the country. Florida Sea Grant selects twenty extension agents across the country who live in coastal communities to work with local residents to create site appropriate programs. The extension program focuses on bridging the gap between science and communities. They target their programs to focus on relevant topics such as, boating, conservation law, seafood safety, fisheries and waterway management.

It’s always good to be reminded of the importance of caring for the environment so that it can be preserved and enjoyed by all kinds of people for a very long time.

In Miami, we worked with extension agent Ana Zangroniz and local volunteers on a shoreline clean up. We spent a beautiful Saturday morning unearthing plastic bags, detangling fishing line from the mangroves, and getting down and dirty. We were all there together taking action to protect our precious ocean resources.


Faith BriggsFaith Briggs is an avid runner and documentary film maker from Brooklyn, New York. She’s passionate about sharing contemporary stories from diverse communities and can always be found with her camera, whether in the photographer’s pit during New York’s fashion week or in the cloud forests in Honduras. She lives by the motto #goodvibesonly and loves to show that women and girls, quite literally, run the world. You can follow Faith’s journey as Director of Toughness here and social channels including: Twitter | Instagram