Could You Be The Next Director Of Toughness?

Some call this a dream job. Many don’t.

Whoever says there are no second chances didn’t know that Columbia is now taking applications for what’s arguably the best job in the world. Last year, Columbia created two positions for Director of Toughness.

The unique position was designed to allow two adventures the chance to travel the world for six months while testing Columbia apparel. The duo traveled to exotic, beautiful, and intriguing destinations—through four continents, with adventures in the U.S., Costa Rica, Uganda, Ecuador, Chile, and Japan.

The program was so successful that after the original Directors of Toughness completed their tenure, Columbia is now seeking applications for two more positions—this time for nine months of travel, gear testing and, of course, plenty of fun.

Aside from the obvious perks of traveling the globe and testing game-changing gear and technology, the new Directors of Toughness will receive a full-time salary and benefits.

“The travel was real. We bounced around the globe from Uganda to Chile, Japan to Manitoba,” says original Director of Toughness, Zach Doleac. “Being a Director of Toughness was non-stop adventure. I got to expand on passions I already had (skiing, mountain biking, mountaineering) and was introduced to a handful of new ones (rafting, ice climbing, jungle trekking, fishing).”

climbing cayambe volcano in ecuador

The twist?

Columbia is conducting in-person interviews—but you have to get to the site. It’s the first challenge for future Directors of Toughness.

Interviews will be held in four remote locations—two in the U.S., another in Canada, and one in the UK. So not only is this a job for “tough testers” but it will be the “toughest interview to get to.”

Reaching the interview destinations shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with the chops to apply. No one says that it’s a “cake” job where you sit at a desk all day.

“At times traveling can be isolating. We had to drop everything and leave our jobs, friends, and family for 6-months,” explains Doleac. “At the time, it was difficult to appreciate the opportunities we were getting because of how fast we were moving around. But going back and watching the culminating video, holy $h*t!! Who wouldn’t want that job?! I’m definitely applying again under a pseudonym!”

These testing adventures will be posted on social media channels with the tag #TestedTough.

Director of Toughness Zach Doleac skiing down Whistler, British Columbia

Full disclosure: The Directors of Toughness need to be fairly hardcore. The Directors of Toughness will be full-time beta testers, as well as brand ambassadors and social media gurus. They are expected to venture out in ridiculous conditions, push themselves to the limit, and record their adventures in print and on camera.

There’s not a lot of downtime with the job, but then, who needs down time!


Director of Toughness Lauren Steele at Patagonia in Chile with arms spread wide.