Directors of Toughness on the Savan River

Our Directors of Toughness embark on their final testing mission to the most remote destination yet, the Savan river.

Their fishing competition on the river? Bears.

Check out their stories from the river, bears and all:

Journey on the Savan River

The closest thing you’ll find to a road out here is bear tracks.

Kamchatka Cuisine: A Pescatarians Delight

We had salmon every way I could think of: smoked and eaten with cucumbers, smoked with bread and butter, salmon meatballs in cabbage soup, salmon omelets, roasted salmon in rice, and salmon burgers.

Essential Gear for Fishing on the Savan River

Check out the essential gear that kept our Directors of Toughness on the river longer while they were fishing on the Savan.

Kamchatka: Fishing the Savan

I looked down below and hoped that someday I’d be able to come back.