Directors of Toughness | Season 2

We scoured the globe for two people who could prove they can test gear in the most unforgiving conditions on Planet Earth and tell the world about it. We hired two people to be the ultimate testers, world travelers, glacier climbers, brand ambassadors, social media gurus, nature photographers and spelunkers all-in-one.

And we’ve found the perfect people to carry the torch from season one. Let us introduce you to Columbia’s next two Directors of Toughness.

Faith Briggs

Faith Briggs is an avid runner and documentary film maker from Brooklyn, New York. She’s passionate about sharing contemporary stories from diverse communities and can always be found with her camera, whether in the photographer’s pit during New York’s fashion week or in the cloud forests in Honduras. 

Outside of the edit room, Faith can be found running trails upstate or sprinting down 5th Avenue. She’s a fixture in the urban running community and a member of Black Roses NYC. She lives by the motto #goodvibesonly and loves to show that women and girls, quite literally, run the world.

You can follow her on Instagram: @faithevebee.


Mark Chase

Mark Chase is the first international Director of Toughness and joins the company from Gloucester, England. 

Raised on a diet of climbing, skiing, camping, hiking and rugby, it was obvious that a warm office and a cozy bed was never going to cut it. An ex Semi-professional Rugby player, Mark is used to pushing himself both mentally and physically and is always up for a challenge. After retiring from rugby Mark headed for the mountains. It was here that he discovered a desire for adventure.

Now working, playing and often living in the outdoors. Mark is constantly pushing the limits to feed his natural curiosity, and was described recently as an adrenaline junkie with a camera.

You can follow him on Instagram: @MarkJamesChase

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