Directors of Toughness in Death Valley

Our Directors of Toughness face their toughest challenge yet.

Follow our Directors of Toughness as they embark on a 250 mile journey through Death Valley National Park. Will they survive the unrelenting heat of the desert?

Death Valley: The Toughest Mission Yet

The Desert is not only one of the more beautiful places I have visited during my time as Director of Toughness but also one of the deadliest.

Gert’s Idea of a Good Time: A Scavenger Hunt in Death Valley

We quickly learned that as late spring dips into early summer in Death Valley, temperatures can be 105 degrees on any given afternoon.

How To Take Your First Night Sky Photography

Each night after we set-up camp, I would wander off in search of the perfect spot to sit and watch the milky way arch across the night sky.

Get Outside, Now! Exploring the Outdoors in Urban Areas

“I thought Las Vegas was ugly,” said Germaine, “but we hiked out to that little waterfall, I didn’t think we had stuff like that in Vegas.”

Essential Gear for Surviving the Heat of Death Valley

Our Directors of Toughness put our gear to the test in the extreme and unrelenting heat of Death Valley National Park.