Gear Guide: Fishing Under the Sun

Fishing under the warm summer sun can be fantastic–that is, unless you choose the wrong apparel. You may think that fishing involves nothing more than a pair of shorts and flip flops (which may be just fine for casting worms off the dock on a lake) but if you are out in the sun and on the water all day, you should wear the right gear.

It might seem odd and counter-intuitive to cover pretty much every part of your skin while standing under the bright, warm Caribbean sun. But—here’s the thing—you need protection from the sun’s harmful rays. And you won’t overheat because the best fishing-specific gear is engineered for protection and comfort.

Here’s our choice of gear that is super stylish, and will save you countless dollars spent on sunblock and aloe vera gel.

Spotlight Technology: Omni-Shade Sun Deflector

Hiking and fishing excursions beg for sunny days, but too much exposure can spoil an outing. The Omni-Shade Sun Deflector is our must-have top for hot weather adventure. The airy, light material is breathable, so you don’t work up a sweat. It’s soft against your skin—you can wear it over a tank or tee, or as a stand-alone base layer. Pinhead-sized reflecting dots on the outside of the material deflect sunlight away from your body, keeping you cool even when temps are oven-hot.

We spent three days on the California coast—on a whale watching boat out of Ft. Bragg, a sea kayak/fishing expedition through the cathedral-like rock arches below the historic Harbor House in Elk, and exploring the Big River Estuary on an outrigger made out of recycled redwood. The long-sleeved wonder reflects harmful UVA and UVB rays away from our skin, plus it looks great, with a loose but form-flattering fit. The tech is available in a number of styles (some of which we profile below) but also be sure to check out the cool two-tone Solar Chill long-sleeved shirt for both men and women.

Check out the SOLAR SHADE ZERO™ 1/4 ZIP SHIRT:

Men’s Solar Shade Zero Woven Long-Sleeve Shirt

This shirt stops at nothing to keep you cool and protected, packed with sweat-activated cooling technology, UPF 50 sun protection fabric, and the Omni Shade Sun Deflector technology. Pop-up the shade collar to protect the back of your neck and roll-up the long sleeves if you need to get stuck in. When you require a little hands-free help, the chest rod holder is ready at your service.


Men’s and Women’s Megavent™ II PFG Shoe

The Megavent™ II is the perfect shoe for professional anglers and newbies – it’s the perfect combination of comfort and functionality with a quick drying upper and drainage holes in the soles. And while you are cleaning that tuna you caught in preparation for dinner, don’t worry if you spill on your shoes — it will wipe right off.

Check out the Men’s Megavent™ II PFG Shoe:

Men’s’ PFG Offshore Camo Fade Boardshort

Whether you are casting from the shallows or simply soaking up the sun, these fun, colorful shorts comes with built-in UPF 50 sun protection and quick-drying fabric. You’ll even find a bottle opener hidden by the cargo pocket for cracking open that celebratory brew.

PFG Deflector Neck Gaiter

When you are out on the water all day, not only do you get hit by UV rays from above, but by rays reflecting off the surface. Protect your neck, ears, face, and even head with this lightweight, stretchy gaiter that wicks away moisture and offers UPF 50 sun protection. The Omni-Freeze Zero technology cools you off as you sweat and the new Omni-Shade Sun Deflector technology on the outside further helps cool you down with tiny dots that reflect heat away from your body.

Oh, and don’t forget a hat.