Instagram Challenge: #DrivingtoAdventure

When was the last time you jumped in your car in search of a new adventure?

There’s an unbridled sense of freedom you get from the open road.

This week’s @Columbia1938 Instagram Challenge is dedicated to the hitting the road and experiencing the outdoors. The photos will be judged by venerable photographer, climber, and van-dweller, Ted Hesser.

We want to hear about your adventures on the road, so get moving and start #drivingtoadventure.


Ted Hesser is a photographer, rock climber & off-grid solar entrepreneur living a life of adventure. He and his girlfriend, Martina rely on their van Claude to connect to the outdoors and take them on new adventures. They inspire others to get outside and fall in love with life on the road while also living off-grid.

We want you to experience and connect with the outdoors. Whether you are living the #vanlife or take long road trips to discover new adventures we want to hear your story! Show us your road to adventure with #drivingtoadventure.


1. Upload and tag your photos from the road with #DRIVINGTOADVENTURE and @columbia1938

2. All entries must be submitted between Wednesday, October 25th and Tuesday, October 31st.

3. Tell us the story behind your photo with a 2 – 3 sentence caption.

4. We will choose our favorite photo based on the theme, creativity, image quality and storytelling ability, so get creative!

5. Your photography might get published on the Columbia Sportswear IG and blog!


“I’ve been rallying around in my Westy over the last two years and nothing tops that feeling of bliss as you pull into that very spot with ease and set up your kit in mere minutes. This spontaneous lifestyle has reminded me that our world is worth exploring and there’s more to life than being stuck on a 9-5 or getting worked up in university. I try not to get held up in a routine, I’ve always taken my chances to experience new things because in the end, its worth it.” – @immarcoo

Photo: @immarcoo | North Cascades National Park

“This shot almost didn’t happen because the clouds looked too thick for a good sunset, but we drove up anyway to the spot the locals call “The Pinnacle” only to run into some other! We were able to share other hiking spots and get together for beers all because we decided to take a chance, and sure enough it was an incredible sunset.” – @keghanobrien

Photo: @keghanobrien | Vermont