Instagram Challenge Recap: #TTBackcountry

At Columbia Sportswear, we not only cherish our Ma Boyle, but also our Mother Earth. This week for our Columbia1938 Instagram Challenge we were inspired by Earth Day and asked you to show us your favorite backcountry camping sites, where you applied the principles of ‘Leave No Trace’.

We asked you to share with us your ‘Leave No Trace’ approved backcountry camping sites with the hashtag: #TTBackcountry

We received so many inspiring stories and photos that it was difficult to choose our favorites, but drum roll please here are our Top 5 favorites from our #TTBackcountry challenge:

5. John E. Campbell (@johne.campbell)

4. Trent Knapp (@tknapp86)

3. Mark Fitterer (@markfitterer)

2. Marisa Jarae (@marisajarae)

1. Adam Whittingham (@adam_captures)

And slowly everything springs back to life. Maybe that's why they call it Spring?

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