Meet the Crew Behind Badfish TV

Have you been following Badfish TV?

They’re a ragtag bunch of creators, photographers, fishermen, and adventurers – spearheaded by Marty Gallipeau and Dylan Schmitz. They have been driving across the country for the past three months, visiting every Bass Pro Shop along the way. All 76 of them – yes, every Bass Pro Shop in the U.S. – it’s been an epic adventure and it isn’t over yet.

You can follow their journey here and here as they fish…eat…and camp their way across the U.S.

Let’s meet the Badfish crew:

Marty Gallipeau

A self-described “pretty good fisherman” and the guy who will eat just about anything.

Dylan Schmitz

A lifelong fisherman, entrepreneur, and most importantly a knot expert.

Peter Lawson-Johnston

A killer fly-fishing guide and flavored toothpick aficionado.

Peter Lawson-Johnson

Nicole Gormley

Joining the crew as their adventure filmmaker and photographer – she loves sushi more than you.

The crew stopped in Portland on their cross-country journey to join the Columbia Sportswear social media team for a hike in the iconic Pacific Northwest. After weeks of driving in the car, the Badfish crew was ready to stretch their legs and hit the trail.

We decided to take them to the Eagle Creek Trail in the Columbia River Gorge – and hike to the idyllic Punchbowl Falls. It was a muggy 82° on the trail – with dark, threatening clouds brewing in the distance. Just minutes into our hike, the temperature quickly dropped 20° and the storm clouds rolled in, bringing with it rain, thunder, lightening, and a little bit of hail. That didn’t stop us or the Badfish crew from hiking on – because that’s what life in the Pacific Northwest is all about – staying out there no matter what weather Mother Nature brings.

We hiked our way along the craggy trail, taking in the dramatic views of the Mt. Hood Forest and the Eagle creek running some 300 feet below us. Finally, we reached Punchbowl Falls where we admired the view from above. We attempted to view the falls from below – but the trek through the glacial waters was a little too tough, even for the most hardcore of the bunch.

We began the hike as a group of strangers, but after a few miles trekking through rain and hail, we became friends. There’s nothing like spending time in nature to bring people together.

Within just a few months, the Badfish crew went from the sunny shores of Key West to the sand dunes of Utah, to the misty forests of the Pacific Northwest. Up next for them is Alaska – the final frontier, be sure to check back on our Instagram, Badfish TV, and Bass Pro Shops for updates on their epic journey.