#OMNItalk: Night Photography

This month’s #OMNItalk is an ode to our beautiful night sky.

We’d like for you to turn off the lights, go outside, and look up at the milky way and share your tips for taking night photos.

On the 3rd Thursday of each month at 9:30AM PST, we hold an #OMNItalk where we ask our Twitter audience about specific topics that inspire and encourage.

There’s something undeniably magical about the night sky, from the twinkling stars in galaxies far away to giant super moons rising from the sea. Capturing the perfect night photo is a challenge and it often takes much skill and patience. We’d like to commend you all for your dedication to staying out there on long nights to capture the perfect image.

So share with us your tips and photos of the night sky, whether it’s the milky way on a dark night or the dancing ribbons of the Northern Lights. Mark your calendars for Thursday July, 20th at 9:30AM PST and join us for a lively Twitter talk about getting outside and capturing the night sky.

Here are the questions for our #OMNItalk so you can be super prepared: