#TTNightPhoto Instagram Challenge 07/13/16

This week’s @columbia1938 Instagram Challenge is dedicated to Earth’s darker, mysterious side, the Night: #TTNightPhoto

Many of us grow up fearing the dark. We’re scared of the unknown, the boogeyman, what we cannot see and cannot control. Once we experience the stillness of a moonlit swim or the magic of night skiing, we realize that Night isn’t so bad after all. As Van Gogh noticed, it’s actually quite beautiful. 

“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Whether you’re inspired by the stars, the moon cascading over mountains, lakes and oceans, the glow of the campfire or your crew embarking on adventure by headlamp-light, we want to see the world through your eyes. That camera of yours is a powerful tool, it allows us to see things that our eyes cannot. Use it!

Malibu Sea Cave - Jack Fusco
Photo by: @jackfusco Malibu, California

It’s in the details:

  1. Upload as many #TTNightPhoto entries as you wish between Wednesday, July 13th and Tuesday, July 19th at 12:00 PM PST/3:00PM EST. All entries must be uploaded during these dates to qualify.
  2. Mention and tag your photo #TTNightPhoto and @columbia1938, otherwise we may not see it.
  3. Include a 2-5 sentence caption detailing the story, adventure and location behind the photograph. 
  4. All qualifying entries are judged based on the theme, creativity, image quality and storytelling ability.
  5. Keep your eyes peeled! We will reveal the challenge winners on Instagram and Snapchat starting Wednesday, July 20th.

Guest judges @jackfusco and @taylorgrayphoto are joining the party. Check out their feeds for inspiration.

We’re excited to see your work, show us those Night Visions!

Sample Entry:

@taylorgrayphoto TTNightPhoto
Photo by: @taylorgrayphoto Davenport, California

Late night adventures at the coast can make for lifelong memories. Catching these shooting star trails over Davenport, CA was a great way for me to sit back, relax, and reflect. Where are your favorite coastal scenes to explore? / @columbia1938 #TTNightPhoto

@taylorgrayphoto Davenport, California