Volunteering on the PCT

2,650 miles of trail snake through the back country of the Western United States creating a walking route from Mexico to Canada. This is known as the Pacific Crest Trail or PCT. Whether on a day hike, hiking in sections, or approaching the whole journey for an average of five months, the Pacific Crest Trail sees a high volume of folks each day. In 2016 over 5000 permits were issued to hikers who planned to hike some portion of the PCT. But when trees fall, debris builds and encroaches on the path, and wood bridges threaten to fall into the water below, it is primarily volunteers who come to the rescue. We recently joined the Pacific Crest Trail Association and The NorCal Trail Crew for a day of trail maintenance and had an awesome time working with the volunteers we met and greeting the hikers we saw along their way.

Faith BriggsFaith Briggs is an avid runner and documentary film maker from Brooklyn, New York. She’s passionate about sharing contemporary stories from diverse communities and can always be found with her camera, whether in the photographer’s pit during New York’s fashion week or in the cloud forests in Honduras. She lives by the motto #goodvibesonly and loves to show that women and girls, quite literally, run the world. You can follow Faith’s journey as Director of Toughness here and social channels including: Twitter | Instagram